DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “…One thought scenario I had is, how do we teach people the truth about the ETs being our main perpetrators all throughout human history if they leave in secret?…Would this not give them the ability to see that the future timeline extension would extend beyond where it is now with this scenario, given they can travel through time and would be able to verify this to some extent, even if they do not understand the reasons?” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
Your question contains the description of one of the key concerns we must reckon with in helping to guide this process as best we can, that anything we do too far in advance might be perceived as shifting the balance in favor of humanity in the future too greatly and trigger a backlash, by the extraterrestrials, to be more punitive in the near-term. It is a fortunate juxtaposition we have arranged, that your rescue through ascension can be superimposed over the timeline in the future showing your absence from the planned annihilation, and thus ascension preparation will not raise an alarm because it will not show your continued presence on the Earth. How this is managed and implemented must be done and determined by the divine realm, because of the complexity and far-reaching implications, and cannot be micromanaged on a human level. So you must trust in us, that we will see ongoing developments and find effective ways to encourage those things needing encouragement and discourage those things needing discouragement, to have everything unfold in a proper sequence to allow a win-win. After all, the best outcome for the extraterrestrials is for humans to survive their dark aims because you will be then in a better position to work on their healing from the light.