DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “The addition to the Protocol of including everyone we’ve seen since our last LHP session was brought up about a month ago and I found it amazing because I was seeing a lot of different strangers on my vacation at the time, including impoverished locals as I rode my bike in the Dominican. I meant to ask this earlier, but would this also be effective for, or could we explicitly include, everyone we see on social media, television and so forth?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

All of this can be included as a focus of a Protocol session just as with a known loved one, friend, coworker, teacher, etc., who one is concerned about and brought to their attention as a potential sufferer in some way. Even those who are of importance to a person because of their human connection will benefit from Protocol work. You need not wait until they suffer and struggle to give them the blessing of healing. Many things can be prevented more easily than healed once they begin to cause symptoms. It is of value, as a consequence, to routinely include all with whom you have contact or awareness. That will tend to favor those near you in some way because they may be included more than once in the requesting, but all will benefit from repeated Protocol work as the Protocol will launch and be redone, again and again, according to the current requests in the Protocol for repetitive sessions to be done in perpetuity.

As you know, the benefit of doing an actual repeat session by the initiator is to add a doubling of intention for the healing to be carried out and this will amplify the benefits in each iteration. Any given session will be limited by the level of intention brought to bear, so the way to further amplify one’s desire to help a particular target is to do actual repeat sessions. Even though each one will be done over and over, it is simply to add more power of intention to those repetitions, and that takes an additional investment by the practitioner to exercise the Protocol an additional time. Each time that is done, more intention will be added and this will make the consequences and benefits of each particular application, among all those repetitions, all the more effective in shifting things to some degree and the accumulation of benefits will grow over time.