DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsUnder what circumstances will it be supported by the divine realm, if someone who is visual or has developed an accurate “yes” or “no” readout for feedback from Creator, uses this to ask about whether a channeler’s source of information is truly divine or an imposter?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

As with all channeled requests, there needs to be a high purpose. If one is doing so to be a critic, to discredit, to gain something for selfish reasons, the request will not be supported. In most instances, if one is looking in order to validate the quality of work so there can be a personal benefit in obtaining assistance or help in some way, this, although in one sense self-directed, is not what we mean by a selfish motive. By the latter, we are referring to the temptation to use such information to have power over that person to showcase one’s own knowledge and ability by denigrating another person and the limitations in their reach revealed by the probing.

While it can be a service to warn people about a false channeler, there can be repercussions as well. It will certainly stir the pot and people may go on the attack feeling that they are being unfairly treated and maligned, and will not necessarily believe the analysis, so we would not encourage people to be a vigilante here, to go about defrocking channelers, as it were. If someone uses this approach and looks, in a general way, and obtains confirmation, as we have indicated, that precious few are actually doing authentic work because they are in the hands of imposters, this will come out and will corroborate your efforts.