DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “Would a fictional story about ET’s plans and God’s laws à la GetWisdom teachings bring others closer to awareness and awakening to the truth?” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
This would depend on how it is written, how it is made available, and to what level of readership or awareness it enjoys. The problem with that idea is it would compete with a vast sea of misinformation, backward thinking, continued corrupted beliefs, and active disinformation campaigns that would still be running even with a departure of the extraterrestrials and their active round-the-clock manipulations. "Many truths are said in jest" is a wise aphorism and it is very much the case that many truths about the workings of evil, the possible future events we are talking about here, and various scenarios involving extraterrestrials have already been depicted in the media with very prominent treatments, major motion pictures, novels, and so on, but these are for the masses and not based on divine wisdom and truths knowingly. That is always the rub. People are not able to discern reliably what is divine truth and what is just an idea, especially in an entertainment setting. We see such offerings as a kind of default resulting from the lack of control of things, characteristic of the human dilemma. We would rather see the divine prophecy of your channel known more widely, and believed in by the masses, so people will grow to understand there is a source of truth they can turn to reliably, going forward.