DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “Can nutrition play a role in making us more ready for the ascension? Will the body need to be strong to make it? Is it possible to go but then stall and have to come back down?” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
First of all, there will be no failings once underway, so you will not have to be returned to the Earth because something has gone wrong or you have fallen short along the way, because you couldn't go the distance. You will ascend if it is possible for you to do so and it is a good time for you and, from that point on, you will not fail. Because you are in a physical form, healing the physical is a component of ascension preparation, not because a perfect body is needed but the interplay of mind and body will help you clear out the karmic baggage undermining your vibration. It is hard to not worry about the physical self, particularly if you suffer chronic maladies that are symptomatic and unpleasant, it is hard to be in an unencumbered high vibrational state of being given the physical reality of your existence. So any and all healing will be all to the good but it will not be necessary that you be in perfect health physically in order to ascend. So, as with all beneficial undertaking, working on your overall well-being is a perfect plan because of the interplay between mind and body, that helping one helps the other. You cannot go wrong here as long as the efforts are forward-looking and not an over-dwelling on imperfections and the suffering itself.