DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)A practitioner described work for a client who had sudden back pain, started having blood in the urine and was hospitalized with suspected kidney stone issues. The client felt intuitively, he had somehow been attacked. The hospital found snake venom in his system, which is unexplained. Was this a deliberate poisoning by ETs, and if so, for what reason? Is the client in the MAP?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This was a deliberate attempted homicide because they wanted him dead, and this was the means. And quite cleverly, they anticipated it would be misdiagnosed and attributed to complications arising from common and routine physical abnormalities that would be demonstrable with diagnostic workup of this individual. Doctors and hospitals are quite adept now in sidestepping the unpleasantness of having someone die under their watch. It happens with regularity and as they know or think they know, it is not their doing directly. They feel like a victim as much as the patient represents, and are wanting to avoid finger-pointing and worse, legal sanction for presumed negligence. So discrepancies such as an untimely death based on physical findings alone will not be probed aggressively in trying to unearth the truth of things. They understand all too well, whatever information is gathered can be used by an adversarial attorney to turn against them, to make them look like they are endeavoring to find an excuse as a cover-up, as a smokescreen, to sweep things under the rug and confuse the surviving family and heirs of the deceased and get themselves out of hot water, potentially, and if nothing else, just a messy and costly legal matter. This is simply being practical and safeguarding their welfare, given the high level of negativity and uncertain times where so many are poised to attack others, and the lure of money from a settlement encourages frivolous lawsuits to be launched all the time. This individual has been a member of the Mercenary Army Program, unfortunately, and this creates extra hazards for him. As such, he is considered their personal property and with all recruits, current and past members, there will be an inquiry at intervals to probe their deep subconscious mind and its allegiance. If they resist the attempt to manipulate them, it may well earmark them for elimination. In some cases, there might be an attempt to reel them back in and counter a drift away from the programming. But all too often, given the large number of recruits they enjoy, it is simpler to eliminate those who become unruly, not only as a practical time-saving strategy but to also indulge their dark nature to punish anyone in their way who underperforms and acts in opposition to any degree. That was the case here. Through his growing divine alignment, this individual is standing strong more and more and that is what sealed his fate. The death was prevented because of all of the divine oversight and protections bestowed on him, and we will endeavor to maintain that status, but he cannot be considered out of the woods yet. We will work to get him off the list of those deserving a death warrant and that may take some time. So continued support for protection through LHP work and prayer are both helpful to keep the energy for protection high on his behalf.