DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA practitioner suggests: “A series of short videos illustrating concepts of how prayers can be empowered, each video concept to be given a key word labeling the intent, which can then be used with prayers as we request them to quickly empower them. As the catalog of video concepts/key words grows, we could make the list of concepts with contained intentions, giving that list of intentions an umbrella key word covering the multiple intentions contained. One key word or phrase that is easy to remember with exponentially expanding empowerment.” What are the pros and cons of this approach?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The pros and cons can be deduced from the prior discussion that one can overdo trying to streamline and make things ultra efficient by diluting the level of investment and intention to have the work carried out fully. So there is a fine line, again, between creating efficiency for human benefit and making this so routine and so removed from the actual human element that you are asking for a profound divine intervention for someone in dire need and making it a kind of ritual that begins to lose meaning through endless repetitions when the mind will drift elsewhere, and things are carried out in such a routine fashion that it begins to undercut the process.

People vary greatly in how their minds work and how their intentions can begin to shade what is taking place in the moment, even in an interaction with the divine realm. If you go to the divine realm with an open heart in a loving way and sincerely request assistance and state your key word, you will get a different result than if you were in a hurry, you are feeling irritated and annoyed, but feel you have to get this in and you state your code word with an emotion that is more in alignment with an inner conflict than a genuine desire for it to be enacted in the fullest beneficial way by divine realm, this can begin to undercut the enterprise to some extent.

So all things deserve due consideration and must be respected, and a practice established that is a happy medium to provide efficiency so as not to create so much onerous repetitive motions it will be abandoned and then everyone loses, but not have it so automatic, so streamlined and simple, the word can be tossed off with little thought even and maybe even a fading recollection of what was intended to happen, and this is when the thread connecting it to the original event can start to thin and eventually become somewhat disconnected from the meaning behind the code word.

It is good to go back and revisit the list of requests underlying the code word and reconsider their importance because you will add further richness and intensity, and so this is yet another way to gain empowerment. It can come not only through streamlined efficiency, so you are more likely to make many, many requests because you can simply use a code word, you can also go at intervals to add further power and enrichment to the exercise through what we just described, going back carefully and to think about each of the components—how important they are, how it all fits together, what is truly wanted to happen, and how very useful that will be for your clients, and how important this is for them and for humanity as well, and for you in showing loving kindness for another member of the human family and appreciating the blessing of playing this role in a divine exercise, all of which will add texture and depth to the undertaking. The more of this character is added, the more powerful each repetition will be because it is launched with stronger intention.

This is what differentiates the outcomes obtained by one practitioner versus another. All may be using exactly the same words, but all will get a somewhat different result because it is what is behind the request that will be the fuel. That is why the collective effort is needed in the first place—that no single human has sufficient power in and of themselves to speak for all. The more they work at it, the more they dedicate themselves to the task, the more they commit their heart and soul to the betterment of their fellows and put that into the request, and go back and add more of this desire, the greater the empowerment will be in the exercise as carried out again and again through a simple code word.