DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessA practitioner writes about a dream: “I learned how to navigate from one reality to another. In my present reality, I and others agreed on plans for desired changes and outcomes. In the second reality, the past, it was my job to execute what had to be done or take place, to make these desired outcomes happen. Slipping in, undetected from present to past and vice-versa was remarkably easy. I learned how to attach myself, my consciousness, to an object that was there with me in the present, that was certain to be there in the past, or the future, depending on what we were trying to accomplish. It had to be something stable, that was sure to stay put, to use it as a door. I chose an old, large dusty trunk. I learned that if an outcome didn’t pan out as planned, I had to go back to the past to make sure I didn’t miss any details. If I followed the procedure perfectly, down to the most minute detail, the future outcome was assured. I came through to the past, through a large, old trunk – the kind used for packing your belongings for travel a long time ago. My soul/essence/light body dove right into the trunk and melted or merged into it, into the atoms, and I materialized through it as if it were a door. To leave the past, I did the same thing – I slipped into the trunk and melded with/became part of it on a molecular level and my body vanished. Atoms and molecules around me instantly changed, but I remained the same. My soul slid in and out of realities with ease. I learned I could use any object, as long as it existed during the time I wanted to travel to, as well as my present. Any item could be used as a door. After what felt like months, I finally “got it right” and it became an easy thing to do, alter circumstances, once I understood how to do it.” Was this a real experience or a dream re-enactment of a real experience? Was it done as a physical human being or while she was a light being?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This was done as a physical human being but while enjoying light being capabilities, so it is of another time and place than the current lifetime and was a special circumstance when she had a special mission to perform duties for the light. So she was in the physical but was undergoing training via her non-local consciousness to undertake missions of time travel to do alterations for repair of ongoing issues and to effect healing of special circumstances. So the dreams were recalling the memory of this period of time when she served in this way and it is memories of real events, not fantasy or a symbolic representation of an idea that was intriguing but unreal. These events actually happened as she describes.