DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner writes: “As I moved forward with a Lightworker Healing Protocol session, visuals of individuals I do not know flashed before me very fast. Faces and random locations, flashing by. One face stuck with me long enough to remember some specifics: a young boy, dark skin, straight dark hair, skinny – somewhere in South Asia maybe? I honestly don’t know. Then, on with more faces and locations – flash, flash, flash. Then, I saw something that surprised me, in between the flashes. My visual/energetic excursion stopped at two separate emotionally charged incidents that I experienced as a child. During an LHP session, this is not the first time I’ve been directed to look at an incident that needs healing – it happened one time before. I had a small list of people I was requesting healing for. When I said a particular person’s name as I focused on her issue, I was gently stopped and inspired or directed to look at a chain of energetic incidents she had experienced that ultimately led me to hear the following: “Request her higher self’s permission to allow this healing to take place.” So I did. And then I waited. I got the “green light” but only to a degree. More permissions were needed from many people in a long family lineage to proceed with further healing, so I stopped there. I didn’t have the time. I did feel a “freeing up” of her energy – nothing amazing – just more fluid. I moved forward with the rest of the LHP. This did not feel like a negative intrusion; it felt helpful; more like divine guidance but maybe it’s wasn’t. What was really happening?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

What this sequence shows is a tendency to become more hands-on during the implementation of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. This is why you were asked to give permission because you were about to do something with your own energy to bring assistance. That is the role of the Protocol if it is implemented as intended by the divine realm at human request, but not by the human. So if you are looking closely at a particular dilemma and then setting the intention to move in to heal it, there is a risk you are taking the reins and the divine will stand back and let you carry out the healing. If this is a mixed intention only, you may not even do your own best, thinking the Protocol will handle it, and not realizing you are in the driver’s seat, so to speak, and you may end up dropping the ball in some regard and the client will suffer as a consequence. There is no need for you to be involved with seeking permission. That is what the divine must do before it implements the healing requests you launch.

Similarly, when you are looking for things to work on, you will find them. This also will truncate the exercise potentially, leading you to focus more intention on specific things you find and then the divine must focus accordingly and this may leave out of the picture other pressing needs you are still unaware of but the divine can see and may be forced to leave them alone if you have, in effect, established the agenda by focusing on particular scenes that come to your attention. So here again there is a fine line between gathering information as you go along for learning purposes or potential feedback to an informed client done selectively for a high purpose versus constraining what happens by only looking at what you can see yourself and focusing the desire for healing on that and, even more out of order with respect to the intention of the Protocol, setting the intention to work on it then and there with one’s own energy. This need not be a conscious directive. It will flow naturally from the intention of an intuitive with a desire to be helping.

So one must be careful to not be too zealous and overstep the role of requester and move instead to the role of hands-on healer. You are healer in name only. In actuality, you are a requester if you are using the Protocol as intended. This is not to diminish anyone or undervalue their potential reach and significance and capabilities. It is only to provide a uniform process that is in keeping with the charter when doing remote work to leave it to the discretion of the divine realm. This is what allows such a broad array of things to be taken on. It is far beyond the ability of clients to even understand, so their conscious permission for the specific steps will, in effect, be quite meaningless compared to what it truly represents.

Although the practitioners as well still have a high degree of ignorance about the details of the inner workings that follow, they are maintaining an attitude of trust in the divine with a simple broad directive for each category of healing work. That is sufficient to allow permission to be in place from the human side and gives the divine realm full latitude to act on behalf of the human requester to work on the target client.

If human permission is brought into the picture for each step, that is the worst possible circumstance because they will not fully understand the scope of what is being requested, so their permission will be quite weak and it is more or less turning things over to them in the same way as would asking them to pray for something that you think is worth doing—their prayer will have little specificity and power of intention behind it because it is based on ignorance of the issues at hand both in terms of their level of need and the way the divine realm would normally approach dealing with the particular phenomena in question.

So this is not to criticize or diminish anyone, only to point out that there must be a strict and scrupulous attention to the way the Protocol is designed to be utilized as a tool for enlisting divine help only, and not as a healing process involving directly the practitioner’s energy in the implementation. This is a temptation that is common for many who have been healers previously, in particular. They are used to looking intuitively and then moving in quickly with their energy to address whatever they find and use the power of their own intention as the driving force, even for those things they wish to have divine help with, but it is they who are attempting to shoulder the problem and shift it, and so the divine will have to stand back and let them be the primary force. This will always be a diminishment in what is possible but is a common error practitioners make without realizing it.