DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersA student asks: “About a week and a half ago I was lying in my bed at around 10 pm at night waiting for my daughter to come in to watch a movie with me. All of a sudden, I hear my cat (at least I thought it was her) scratching with force on the door of my closet from the inside trying to open it and to get out. I was very surprised since she didn’t come to the room and couldn’t enter the closet to begin with. Both closet doors were closed. And adding to that, while this was happening, I heard my cat “talking” with my daughter in the next room… So this was enough to make me jump out of bed to open the closet door and let in the “newcomer,” but there was no one inside the closet… Was it the spirit of my lost cat who disappeared six years ago? Or was it spirit mischief?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This was your lost cat returning to visit and to make its presence known. This was arranged by the divine realm in answer to a prayer to have a stronger connection to the divine and more awareness of its presence. Your cat wanted to participate in such an enterprise and volunteer to come with this message to get your attention, and cause you to remember it and think about the strangeness of the circumstances, and put two and two together in order to serve as a messenger from the light—that the divine is real, that your cat is still connected and bonded to you and looking out for your welfare, and wanting to serve, and that your desire for closeness with the divine is all-important and deserving of a reward.