DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIs there retrocausal healing going on that’s a part of our human purpose? If so, can you explain how this works?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Retrocausal healing is an aspect of every Lightworker Healing Protocol session. It is inherent in the very workings of the Quantum Healing and the Soul Matrix Healing in particular but is also a function of how healing for other steps in the Protocol is implemented by the divine realm. The requests are to deal with various categories of negativity. The specific healing methods asked for are applied similarly with broad intentions to reach out to the many influencers and the many parallel domains of time affecting each and every person. The way in which healing is done for the other phenomena may well be wrapped into the broad healing process specified for Quantum Healing or Soul Matrix work. It is just the case that the phenomena in question, such as negative cordings, soul fragment issues, and so on, are of sufficient importance. It is helpful to specify they are to be included, and this gives extra power of intention for the healing requests by listing these various categories of difficulty and leaving nothing to chance. The fewer loose ends, the better, in order to gain the greatest degree of assistance from the divine realm in carrying out healing on behalf of another or the self.

The retrocausal healing process simply means that the healing launched in the moment goes into another time domain to influence what is taking place there, and for that healing then to work its magic and change the energies of the person in that experience—that portion of the soul present undergoing the lifetime being addressed. The energy that is changed, reconfigured, repurposed, or replaced, will continue going forward and will be looping back into the present and the past, as seen from your perspective. So what you are launching with healing requests goes across time domains and, in turn, the consequences impinge on the original requester and the target of the healing in the current lifetime.

This always happens. It is unusual to discern this in action. That does not mean it is a rare event or a rare phenomenon. It, in fact, is happening with each and every healing session launched by each and every Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner. You can virtually change anything anywhere, at least theoretically, whether it happens will depend on many, many variables, but this is always inherent within the intention of the healing requests for the divine realm to do its utmost to influence things for the better, and often that is exactly what must be done to achieve the intended result—there must be a seeming violation of time to change the past, to influence the present, or to go into the future to reverse something that is, in effect, being launched from the current life to thereby reduce a sort of quantum entanglement with a dark future that has been in the process of manifestation because of the person being out of alignment who is being worked on with the Protocol.

The looping of time, by going in all directions, creates an ongoing tapestry of exchanging energy back and forth across all combinations of existences in all points in time with reference to the originator of the healing request, and this collection of time arrows, so to speak, carries with it instructions for healing that will begin to alter the energetic signature of those ongoing lifetimes being experienced, and their future extensions as well, and the resulting changes in outcome alter the energetic projections emanating from them. It is those energetic projections which now will radiate back to the client in the present lifetime as a change from what had been ongoing and not destined to happen, to be replaced with new instructions, new configurations of energy, with new and differing consequences because of the healing love that was applied to make changes and, in effect, create new programming with new potential plotlines and capabilities energetically to move in new directions with greater clarity, fidelity, and spiritual integrity in alignment with the divine plan of the soul.