DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceIs the John Ellis water distiller able to do what is promised, produce water with an increased hydrogen bond angle of 114°? Does it have the profound health effects claimed?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The answer, in general, is “yes” to both parts of this question. The distiller works as intended and is effective at generating the water with this unusual configuration and all that implies when impinging on biological systems. The health claims are widely varying and while it is almost never the case that all accounts of benefit or miraculous healings can be attributed to a particular device or substance taken as an expected benefit because of so many other variables, the idea here is a sound one—that many miraculous things will happen for many who use this as a source of drinking water.

It is always the case that those bringing forth highly innovative approaches will not have the funds to do rigorous clinical trials and are at quite a disadvantage because they cannot compete in the medical arena without such science in support of their claims, and relying solely on anecdotal reports is never given its due by the mainstream. In addition to which, there are powerful programming efforts employed to discourage all the worthwhile natural approaches to obtaining benefits for health and well-being, to create skepticism and disinformation, and if necessary, they will also interfere directly with an organization and its aims, and find ways to sabotage and undermine their very existence.

This is why the supporting evidence is spotty, but the claims are coming forward with a glowing account of potential, and that is because there is divine support for this, and so the people are feeling the inner conviction and the certitude of the benefit this water represents, even without a huge body of evidence. That does not make it invalid, it simply reflects the unusual circumstances here, that the company in question is on to a good thing and wanting to make the most of it with a genuine desire to help as many people as possible, and who are sincere and very much believing in what they do, and that it will perform miracles for people. This is not unfounded. It is not a cure-all, but it will help a wide variety of diverse conditions, and is capable of restoring normal function for many who otherwise would suffer lifelong chronic illness and all that entails—with suffering, high expense, many complications from the invasive medical procedures they would be subjected to, and the reduction in quality of life, and even longevity in many cases. So this device has our blessing, and all can benefit to some degree from ingesting water from this source.

Well water may or may not contain the life forms we speak of that are beneficial components and designed to be an adjunct and helper for human happiness and well‑being of the physical body. It is a variable depending on the nature of the water flow underneath the ground and the composition of the geology containing the pockets of water in the respective reservoirs that are tapped into. The effect of distillation is certain to destroy such life-forms because of its repeat nature, so it is certain that there will be a 100% absence in the special water we were just discussing with you. That is not a reason to reject it, and you were impulsed with the notion that this is not an either/or proposition necessarily, that one could use both types of water during the day in order to have the benefits of each in much the same way that you do not eat one foodstuff, you have a variety of foods in order to take in the needed wide array of nutritional substances to keep the body in good condition. Unfortunately, this special water cannot be simply exposed to the air to pick up the life-forms in question, so it is only water from nature itself that is not harshly treated and stored for long periods in closed containers or treated chemically that will be usable for this purpose.