DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)A student asks: “After death, would a cremation or a burial of the body be better, and why?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There is no difference to the divine realm, nor to the departing soul, as far as the disposition of the body is concerned. That is simply a matter for those left behind in the living to attend to as the individual cannot tidy up once they have left and gone on their journey back to the Light. There is no need for the body any longer, nor any sentimentality about the physical body and how it is treated, so from the perspective of the Light, this is a non-issue altogether. There will still be bonds between the departing soul and those still in the physical who were known to the person who is passed, and those will still be intact, and do not depend on the body and its physical presence and will not be disrupted by any physical manipulation of the body, including incineration. The bonds of love will persist for all of time if that is not recalled.