DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsA student asks: “Nine out of ten small businesses fail in the first five years. We’ve all seen them – a small business opening in a strange, poorly trafficked space, and we think to ourselves “that will NEVER make it.” And sure enough, 3 months, 6 months later, it’s GONE. One has to wonder that if so many people can see that a particular business is not likely to succeed, why can’t those who attempt to start it? Is it a deliberate manipulation of the entrepreneur by the darkness, calculated to leave the would-be tycoon broke and despondent?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As odd at it might seem, this is something that happens routinely and is a consequence of subconscious mind programming that is ongoing constantly through all the broadcast media. Any that are not protected will be subject to this intrusion that people will be completely unaware of but nonetheless influenced by. There are many reckless notions that are promoted in this fashion, each designed to create risk for the person to put themselves on the line in some way and risk a backlash from people around them, particularly people with greater authority. This is how so many people are encouraged to show up and participate in demonstrations that may get out of control and end up with a clash with the authorities. And that can hurt someone’s record and get them into trouble further with their employment, for example, if they are viewed to be unstable or belong to a cause that might be seen as controversial and reflect poorly on the organization they belong to.

People are programmed as well to look for and treat people with differing views with suspicion and exclude them, if possible, for reasons of safety and the justification that the person’s own views and perspectives are the right ones and all others who differ may be a threat in some way. This creates no end of unease, anxiety, and points of friction that can escalate into confrontations and even violence, but that is the purpose after all, for ginning it up in the first place. This is why the world is such a mess. It is not that people are inherently unstable, filled with negativity and looking for someone to take out their frustrations, even through violent means—that will not happen under normal circumstances.

But your world does not represent normal circumstances, your world is one of manipulation and subjugation and the dark forces at work wanting to cause mischief can get people going, to ramp up discord, fear, and hatred, and then push people over the edge when they have these emotions. This is done particularly in collusion with the dark spirit attachments within most human beings—they corrupt their host and will do all they can to encourage misbehavior. In this, they have marching orders and instructions from the hidden cabal to do this, so it is a campaign that is coordinated and operates continually on many fronts simultaneously.