DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsIs my friend who passed yesterday, safely in the light?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

Your dear friend is safely in the light and, as you surmised, his spirituality helped him greatly in making the transition, which was unexpected. True to form, he approached his medical travails with great humor and resilience. His undoing was a misfortune owing to the medical procedure inflicted on him and we use that term advisedly knowing the circumstances. This is not to start an inquiry going, but simply to reinforce for you the work you do to bring truth about the medical approach and surgery, in particular, being highly undesirable given any other alternative.

In an ideal world, people would be working on their health and wellbeing on a continual basis so there would be little need to treat illness because it would simply be prevented in most instances. With the current large backlog of unhealed trauma, there will continue to be many opportunities for healers to help others. You can know this was something that would not have been expected under the circumstances, nor did you, so all were feeling comfortable that this would be a temporary setback, and uncomfortable but surmountable, and that he would bounce back as he has done before going through difficult surgical treatment. This, unfortunately, was not in the cards but you can know he is doing nicely and is living in joy now, even with the continued concerns for his loved ones, but they will be provided for and watched over carefully.

He is enjoying learning about the true impact and importance of your work and is totally delighted and feels honored to have you as a friend. This will continue and he wants you to know you can still call on him for anything you may need and he will do his utmost to be of service. He understands your sentiment and shares this as well. He always knew you were something special and was not certain at times about all you were doing and how it fit into his view of spirituality, but he did sense the good in you and that was truly his keen radar working, and he was steadfast and loyal in his friendship and is delighted in seeing the validation being offered to him now that he is in the light—that his sentiment was not misplaced.