DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA student asks, “Will the following prayer be effective, especially for protecting the unborn: ‘Source Creator, please, for the highest and best good of all concerned, protect each and every soul incarnating into a human body from any and all outside listening, interference and/or manipulation of any kind intended to harm humanity in any way. Keep them safe at all times during conception, their entire gestation in the womb, their birth, and their entire life as incarnated humans, and during their transition, ensuring them a safe return to the light. Likewise, protect all human females of child-bearing capacity, at all times, throughout their lives and throughout all of their child-bearing years, against implantation of ET hybrid fetuses and/or non-soul-based fetuses and/or any artificially implanted fetuses done with the intention of harming humanity, and during their transition to ensure a safe return to the light. Furthermore, remove from the womb any such implanted fetuses done with the intention to harm humanity, and return their souls to the light, if applicable. Apply these requests: Repeatedly, as frequently as is feasible, in perpetuity, until the Divine Human Experiment is successful; across all time domains, past, present, future, and all future extensions, in all possible universes, dimensions and realities. Bring ultimate divine protection, support, guidance and healing to all parties involved regarding these issues.’ How could the effectiveness of my intention be improved?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You have indeed left very little room to add anything. The thing that we like about this is the intention is very clear—for the effective outcome of pregnancy and birth of the young to take place without outside interference or manipulation in any way. So you are covering the bases nicely here, by not only protecting all unborn through the periods of maximum vulnerability, but protecting the mother as well. So you are coming at the problem from both directions and that will be quite helpful. There is, in addition, a very broad request for support for all fellow humans and that rounds things out very nicely, because it is analogous to the advanced Protocol, in being constructed to not leave anyone out. And that is in keeping with our teaching that any such limited prayer outreach is a missed opportunity when you have a divine human reaching out the light, wanting help for someone, and using the power of their intention to launch a request. It is unfortunate when all they single out is one individual or a family or even a sub-group of humanity when the totality of all in peril could be served by the prayer. So whenever large groups are included in this way, the key is to have a clear directive to apply the prayer request not only over and over on a frequent basis, and as often as feasible, but to do so with sub-groups of those targeted in keeping with the individual energy of the requestor, so as to not exceed the energy of intention for the desired outcome so all are reached eventually through a sequential series of applications. And that will allow a person to do anything they choose.