DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyA student speculates that there are in fact two kinds of capitalism in conflict with each other: Entrepreneurial Capitalism versus Monopoly Capitalism. Society itself values entrepreneurial capitalism because it champions competition and encourages innovation. Society, on the other hand, suffers under monopolies as they tend to be anti-competitive and highly prone to engage in anti-competitive practices. Prices tend to go up, quality tends to go down, and workers are exploited as there is no competition for their labor. What is Creator’s perspective on these two proposed categories of capitalism?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Entrepreneurial capitalism preserves the spirit of liberty, individual initiative, and personal growth and expansion so one can add to the world and receive a reward in return. This system works quite well in elevating all in society by way of example and all will benefit accordingly when people are busy at work doing things and making things. This creates wealth again and again and again, and this has been borne out through time as entire industries have blossomed from the germ of an idea and kept whole generations of the world busily engaged and earning livings within enterprises that did not exist a generation before them. This is very much in keeping with the divine plan for humanity to learn and grow through expansion of possibilities.

When a monopoly becomes a threat through gaining inordinate power and control of things because of its privileged position, there is an extra dimension here you do not consider. Monopolies are orchestrated to happen; it is achieved through a manipulation of competition and a manipulation of government to look the other way while the monopolistic power grows ever stronger, unopposed, and unquestioned. The reason for the emergence of monopolies in almost all cases is that it is aided and abetted by the Extraterrestrial Alliance—the hidden hand—because those at the very top are working in collaboration with the Extraterrestrial Alliance more often than not and are being rewarded by being given special treatment, special considerations, and special protection. So once again, this reality and its consequences are blamed on the evils of capitalism when it is truly the evils of hierarchical power on display.

The solution is not to have a government monopoly because that would be an even greater evil. There needs to be resistance and pushback by society at all levels to move more actively against monopolies to restrict their power and foster new competition. This has been done before and can be done again if there is political will by enough people free from corruption and free from manipulation through mind control. It is built into the system to create a network of global elites who are at the pinnacle of power and who become enormously wealthy through their business dealings, and it is often the case that planning is put in place for them to become titans of industry or commerce by providing goods and services in high demand and a monopolistic control of the market.

There is often a sinister orchestration underlying these seeming success stories arising from entrepreneurial capitalism in the beginnings but then through the laissez-faire approach, seeming to have an unfair advantage through their tremendous growth and economic power, they can outlast weaker competitors and eventually drive everyone else out of business. The desire to get ahead, to be successful, and to shine is not an evil in and of itself. These desires are divine yearnings of the soul to explore and grow and be a part of things and make things happen and aspire to greatness in one’s contributions. When the true power controlling the world from behind the scenes is actually calling the shots in who emerges from the pack, who gets favorable legislation and government rulings to give them an advantage, over time the monopolies will overtake their competitors and become a destructive influence in hurting many, many others who will truly lose out at the hands of their rapacious rival. This is a direct consequence of being run and society modeled after the evil hierarchy of the interlopers.