DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingA student writes: “Strangely, I have no trouble reading books and reading the “Divine wisdom database” on GetWisdom. I just can’t seem to get through the LHP manual, despite the fact that I know that it is the most important thing that I must do in this life. Note, I do pray for guidance and comprehension before reading the manual. I find myself reading the same passages over and over, then putting it down. Could it be that I too need further healing attention?” Would he helped by subconscious channeling and trauma resolution to be able to complete reading the Lightworker Healing Protocol manual, and do session work?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is very much the case. His inability to stay on task here is the fact he is having too much inner fear stirred up knowing that he is acting in response to the aims of the darkness and in the past this has led to catastrophe, so that is why he is rebelling from deep within to not cooperate with the task at hand and attempt to redirect his mind elsewhere to thwart any attempt to engage with darkness to fight back, so to speak. This is because the deep subconscious is quite literal in how it views things. It does not know all of the nuances and the relative merits and detailed workings of consciousness and the interplay with divine realm when healing takes place, and so forth. His mind does not fully understand that any work with the Lightworker Healing Protocol is protected and hidden from the interlopers, so will not involve any risk to him in doing work with the Protocol. The key here is not simply to give him that simple explanation but also to do deep healing for the traumas that have left great wounds that stir up intense fear and internal dissension in the ranks should he attempt to look beyond the edge of his foxhole, so to speak. Doing some healing along those lines will be of great help to him.