DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA viewer asks: “Can we request the added compounded accumulative healings and correcting beneficial effects from all the various times that the divine realm have done divine healings to any situation, problems, reasons, sources and root causes, person, being, location, etc? And to have the divine realm’s compounded vast healings, strengthening, support, problem-solving abilities, and corrections, etc., to be added to and piggybacked on with the already wonderful built-in Protocol of LHP practitioners requesting of all previous LHP practitioners to be also added for greater support, compounded healing, strengthening, etc?” What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

In a word, the answer here is “no.” The reason is you are asking to commandeer the energy of intention of the prayers of others to have them added onto your cause. This is not allowed. It is only when there are prayers done in a common cause that they can be pooled together. The many prayers through the ages were done in many varying settings, with varying levels of understanding, and for varied purposes, quite specific oftentimes to the era of the people living at that time. Their intentions were limited in scope and quite naive in the understanding of things. So most such entreaties and the responses by divine realm are meager in comparison to what can be asked by a modern practitioner of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. This is why we have told you the LHP is the premier healing tool and will be the way in which humanity is saved should that happen. This contest has not yet been decided, but you now, for the first time, have the very best tool available to save yourselves. The only remaining question is whether enough people will hear your message on time and adopt your suggestions to embrace this approach and use it as often as one can to join the healing effort.

This particular enhancement you envision is well-intentioned but falls outside the rules, but is not as large an added benefit as you might think given that the divine realm will, in fact, be going back to all of the prior events in history, but armed with the requests of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, to bring about healing for all of those hurts done along the way. So, in effect, you are asking for something that is already underway and being done routinely with the pooled efforts with the Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioners as well as all of the light beings you invite to join the party.