DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA viewer asks: “Creator, does human-caused CO2 affect the pH value in the oceans, and if so, what effect does it have on life in the sea?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Human-generated CO2 has a trivial effect on ocean pH values. The dissolved carbon dioxide is a minor issue, in terms of human origin, and this is true for other effects on the global climate as well, that human-caused CO2 generation is a minor contributor. It has been grossly overblown to blame humanity for the weather, the global temperatures, and other things that cause trouble environmentally. This is a false condemnation engineered to happen by the interlopers, to blame humanity for the many things they themselves do to the environment, directly as well as indirectly, through manipulating human thoughts and actions.

There is an ongoing degradation of the environment everywhere, in the atmosphere itself, in the surface life forms and their environments, and in the oceans and lakes and rivers. So the local changes documented again and again with loss of species, die-offs of many kinds of creatures, disappearance of coral reefs in the sea, and depletion of beneficial fish species, and often replacement by other undesirable organisms like overgrowth of algae and poisonous algae species, and clear imbalances in host, in predator-prey specie ratios, and so forth, are overwhelmingly a consequence of extraterrestrial manipulation. So once again, the Environmental Movement is serving the darkness, in promoting the idea that the human presence is a threat to the existence of life, when the truth of the matter is it is the presence of the extraterrestrial interlopers who are the apex predator in your world and acting through malevolence in carrying out their psychotic agenda of destruction, defilement, and potential annihilation of everything of real value in the earth plane—that is what you need to be aware of and work to counter in order to survive and help other life forms do so as well.