DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingA viewer asks: “How effective would it be, when experiencing negative thoughts or emotions, to visualize a sort of Divine recycling bin where you send the negative feelings to be recycled into positive feelings by Creator and the Divine Realm, allowing the person to detach immediately from the feelings but still knowing that the energy created will be converted into something coming from a place of love?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a fine idea, but in practice cannot be done so readily. Emotions are the end product of a chain of events. Sending them away might be highly desirable if one is having unpleasant feelings, but what truly needs to happen is deep inner healing to not generate those feelings to begin with. The feelings are not the problem. It is the inner discord from the clash of beliefs and realizations through recalling prior trauma that give rise to inner disturbances of all kinds, and the triggering of strong emotions in the body. This is largely going on in the deep subconscious, so this is why the feelings seem to have a life of their own and to be the primary source of aggravation, such that if one could simply banish them, things would return to an equilibrium and a state of contentment. This simply cannot happen when there is a raging storm in the deep subconscious having to contend with so many sources of negativity, while being entirely on its own and unable to communicate with the conscious level of the person. The only outlet to deal with so many sources of stress is through triggering emotion, and that is built into the design of the human being and how they operate, and for good reason. It would not serve you to be numb, by being emotionless. It could spare you much suffering, but emotions have many purposes and a life with no emotional connections to things would not only be dull, it would be deadening. It might be a welcome relief for those who are tormented by strong negative emotions year in and year out. We are simply saying this is not a practical solution for suffering. It would have as much downside as benefit, even if it could be arranged.