DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “I have had horrible insomnia for many years. It started when I was in grade school. It waxes and wanes at times, but the last 20 years have been brutal. I ask for healing of my insomnia and all of its causes and contributing factors including any entity interference, viruses or other organisms and infections, any energetic attacks or sensitivity to EMFs, any trauma plus any emotional consequences, limiting beliefs, impaired or missing soul attributes as well as any karmic propensities. Am I missing something? What can Creator share about the causes and possible resolution of my insomnia?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
All of the phenomena you recite can contribute, in turn, at times to your dilemma and are worthy of being addressed through the broad healing of the protocols. In your case, we can tell you that you have a very highly sensitive inner nature to remain vigilant, and that is a karmic consequence of having been attacked in your sleep more than once. This has created a large body of inner beliefs about maintaining vigilance and fostering a highly sensitive and intense scrutiny of the surroundings. This is a very common characteristic of individuals with PTSD, often starting with childhood abuse, but this can come from past life trauma as well. Such individuals, in effect, grow a larger antenna, and this can result in an enhancement of intuitive ability through wanting to be one step ahead of what is looming, to hear approaching footsteps of an intruder so there is time enough to flee, and so on. The answer here is deep and broad-based healing because there are many interconnections and multiple timelines of personal history that are contributing to the backlog of unhealed trauma needing to be reckoned with. This is true of everyone, but each person experiences the consequences in different ways. So we do not want you to over-interpret what we are saying, meaning that you have extraordinary burdens that cannot be overcome. The opposite is the case, it is in the process of being healed bit by bit, and that is the best the divine can do in most cases. Our goal is a thorough cleanout and healing and realignment so you will be better than ever in the end. This will take time and, in the meanwhile, is a work in progress. So we want you to know that, even though you may still have difficulty with sleep, it does not mean nothing is happening or will happen, when the opposite is the case, we are on the march here, you and us, together, and that can change everything.