DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA viewer asks: “I just listened again to the ‘Reptilian in the light’ channeling and wondered if we should add to the Lightworker Healing Protocol, after ‘include in parallel as clients, every human being, all their companion animals, all extraterrestrials and dark spirits working against humanity, all earthbound lost soul spirits,’ to then include, all non-terrestrial lost soul spirits?” With this addition, the Lightworker Healing Protocol would include the extraterrestrial lost soul spirits in the homeworlds of the Nordics, Reptilians, and Anunnaki.
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

In effect, the current Protocol includes these beings because all, whether in their homeworld or here on the Earth or nearby planets, are working against humanity and have this in their consciousness. This does not mean it cannot be spelled out or lacks value in spelling this out. Adding specificity is often helpful because each practitioner will have a personal impact on the delivery of the Protocol in listening to the words and adding their intention to the exercise.

This is why it is important to read, and study, and absorb, and understand all the information given in the instruction manual so that the intention is reflecting the full meaning of each request and what is desired to happen as a consequence. If done in ignorance, the effectiveness of the Protocol will be greatly diminished—one cannot simply hear the words in isolation, with no preparation or learning, and appreciate the full meaning and range of possible consequences of action by the divine realm to carry out the request. The more known about the specific actions and ways the divine will enact the healing, the better informed and more powerful is the intention added by the practitioner, and this provides the key energy for implementation of the Protocol itself. If the intentions are weak and diffuse by the desired actions being poorly understood by the practitioner, then the work will suffer.

On the other hand, attending to details will add specificity and also greater intention by taking the trouble to make things explicit. That automatically increases the focus and level of intention simply through taking the time and trouble to point out the detailed results desired. As we have indicated previously, there can be a downside to wanting to make every little detail specific because, by doing so, you might create a situation where you will restrict a potentially quite broad and comprehensive step for healing and reduce it to a list of things you know about and this might demand that the divine realm attend only to those things within your awareness and do nothing in addition, whereas a broad request can be interpreted to be quite comprehensive, even for things unknown to you, so there is somewhat of a fine line here. But in this case, there is nothing lost in making explicit you do wish to heal all of the alien race membership and that would include all their lost soul spirits wherever they might be and this will be of benefit to all involved in this ongoing contest.