DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “I was thinking about how it’s a pain that karma is delayed in the Milky Way. Then I said a prayer for karma to be less delayed and to catch up with itself. I think this would be interesting to ask if something similar would be appropriate for the Protocol. Maybe we are supposed to pray to speed up karma so we can catch up to the rest of the universe and perhaps one day rejoin them without being isolated?” Is this possible or even advisable?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is not possible nor is it advisable. The current state of operation of the Law of Karma within the Milky Way Galaxy is purposefully altered compared to the rest of the universe so that physical beings will have a greater latitude to experiment and try things out and not be too inhibited by a swift karmic retribution. But this automatically means there is an increased burden on the individual to stay in divine alignment without frequent and rapid feedback from the Law of Karma. So that becomes a test of spiritual alignment and persistent resolve to have in mind what is highest and best in one’s actions so as to not drift too far from seeing to the needs of others compared to the self, and so on. In such an environment, few will be harmed to a great degree, and that is a good goal to have for human conduct and the conduct of other physical beings within the Milky Way.

History has shown this not to have lasted, because of corruption by the spirit meddlers to make the physical beings in that era too self-serving, and this got things heavily off-track with the unleashing of evil that persists to the current day. These dark spirits have infested humans as well, as you know, and that has led to a great worsening of things on all levels of human society. So the experiment is at risk of failure. What remains to be seen is that, through enough divine support by the remaining who are open, can this be turned around to save the day at the eleventh hour, given that humanity is slated for annihilation? So even though that question has not been resolved, doing what is proposed here and altering action of the Law of Karma would seriously compromise the experiment underway because it would not be the work of humanity, through healing to raise up the perpetrator so they will stand down and leave the earth plane, so humans can continue to live and undergo further healing at the request of those seeking the betterment of humanity. So what is proposed here cannot happen and will not be allowed, in any case.