DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA viewer asks: “I was thinking of contacting the various MAP and people I know working towards “Disclosure” in order to submit to their attention your following video, hoping it will give them some food for thought: Get Wisdom LIVE – Creator Reveals the Danger of Disclosure – YouTube but, before doing it, I wanted to check with you first if you are okay with me doing it, and also I wanted to know if it is something you had already tried to do before, and if you had received any positive responses or not.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
Your channeler, and his compatriots at GetWisdom, have explored the possibilities with us a number of times now and often in response to questions, such as yours, about taking direct action to interface with those who might be misguided to bring truth their way. That is a lofty goal, indeed, but is problematical because most involved with the Disclosure Movement are heavily subverted via mind control manipulation to buy into the story quite heavily. They will not be open to a counterargument but will see that as evidence of an opponent of evil origins wanting to block human progress and the glorious advent of getting extraterrestrial help, at long last, to help people out of the quagmire of history that seems impossible given that people are flawed and ever mired in war, criminality, and immorality. Not only would most people in any position of prominence or authority associated with the Disclosure Movement resist outside information to the contrary, they are heavily monitored and anyone approaching them with a counterargument will be noticed and there will be a follow-up to find out why they are not already onboard with the manipulation, and that will lead to a significant personal attack and manipulation to get them in line and, if still resistant, could lead to a serious reprisal. So what we are saying is your lofty idea is very likely to fail and, at a minimum, would be quite dangerous. This is why GetWisdom is taking the approach of shining a light into the world, so those few who are still free thinkers and awakened can find them and will recognize the truth of what is being offered. The way to help the effort of saving and healing humanity, is not to wrestle with the minions of the darkness but to similarly awaken and attract those who are on the fence, or simply still asleep, not aware of the issues at stake and the opportunities for human betterment that are possible through divine healing. That will do much more to help the cause than trying to convert the hard‑core minions of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and there are many, unfortunately, already solidly in their camp, unwittingly, but nonetheless programmed to hold fast to their beliefs in the value of their perspective. So the best analogy we can give you is what you are wanting is sort of like going to the Vatican and wanting to persuade the Pope that religion is flawed and faulty and dangerous, there is no God, and you need to join behind the Satan Club. Such an effort would always fail because you are trying to convert the converted, their minds are already taken and locked down, in effect, those who are allied with the Disclosure Movement for any length of time, certainly at leadership levels and those in the public eye.