DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA viewer asks: “In the channeling of HG Wells, at about the 25:50 mark, it is stated that Jesus taught his disciples to heal, following his instructions and example, and sent them out to heal as well – is there anything he taught them that could augment the effectiveness and reach of the Lightworker Healing Protocol?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

In a word, the answer is “no.” In actuality, what you have been taught in using the Lightworker Healing Protocol far exceeds what Jesus shared with his disciples, given that it was a very primitive era for which little metaphysical knowledge was in human awareness, nor an understanding of any concepts of health and wellbeing describable in scientific terms, as science had literally not been invented as a human undertaking in a formalized way.

The major emphasis of Jesus in talking with the disciples was to encourage them to invoke the divine to heal the subject before them and use the power of their faith while holding love in their heart knowing and believing totally that the Holy Father would confer a divine blessing of healing, and it was their very, very strong faith that this would be so which resulted in a high degree of success by the disciples venturing forth on their own and acting in Jesus’ stead and in his name as well. They could do this effectively because they were imbued with the teachings, and the reality of the divine presence Jesus radiated as a convincer he was divine and the teachings were divine truth.

People today do not receive the same strength of knowing when their clergy gives them sermons and prays over them as a routine, and this is for many reasons. The major deficit is in the belief quotient of the parishioner, not the clergy person, although the latter can waver at times for some individuals and may be less forceful and carry less divine power as a consequence. For the most part, it is the waning belief of the religious person attending their services in varying states of openness because of their life experience, level of stress they may be experiencing, and their personal readiness to believe in a divine communication, and be open to receiving direct impressions and signs of the divine presence during the experience. Some with a high belief quotient will feel touched by God when they are in a religious service, but for the most part, people are closed off too greatly to feel the divine in action within them and the words of the sermon will not be enough to override the inner barrier to hear the message fully.

The close circle of disciples around Jesus Christ were individuals fully onboard with the agenda and the teaching outreach and did not go forth to preach unless they were holding the strong belief within they would be successful. It was their belief in themselves that made the difference. Anyone who has 100% belief in the divine and 100% belief in themselves as being worthy of divine gifting of information and capability to help others will be successful as a healer—that is all that is required. Knowing how to go about it will strengthen and greatly increase the chance that the healing will be effective.

That is what the Lightworker Healing Protocol provides by acting as an interface and containing extensive divine wisdom about the sources of human difficulty and the solutions that can be implemented by the divine realm on their request. The stage is set to reach a high degree of successful achievement of benefit for the target recipient. So, in that sense, you have many advantages over the original disciples because of this magnificent tool you can use to greatly magnify the specificity and thoroughness of healing requests and actions on the behalf of your client or yourself. You may not have Jesus present to talk with and inspire you but you have his legacy showing the reality of his divinity through the impact it has had on the world, and you have Creator within you to participate in all you do as a partner to maximize the benefit for all involved—that is of even greater power and value if your belief is adequate.