DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolYou have taught us that once people return to the light, doing healing for them will not help, but can only be done when they return in a new incarnation. You have also taught that doing a Lightworker Healing Protocol session up to the last moment before their transition is of great value because it will accomplish much karmic repair that will serve their future when they return again, and that the same benefits apply when doing a Protocol session to perform a Spirit Rescue for an earthbound spirit, because much healing will be accomplished even though it was requested at the last moment before their return to the light. When we learn that someone has died unexpectedly and already returned to the light, can we make a retroactive healing request to have a Protocol session done for them in the past as they made their transition? Will that be effective and worth doing?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Your wonderful creativity has come through yet again to create an opportunity to increase the value of your healing work to an even greater degree by including all such human beings who are in the light currently, but known to others present through the culture, or by virtue of the circle of associates and loved ones who knew them during their life and still care about their welfare. Anyone having such an individual who has passed in their thoughts can ask for a healing session for them to be done in this way and will have the full benefit of divine healing done during their sojourn in earth plane, with full future benefit as a consequence, and this will be a major blessing for all given such a benefit because it will allow the healing to happen even though at the present time, from your perspective, they are in a place off-limits to receiving manipulation in this way.

This, in effect, can be done either prior to their departure or on first returning to the earth plane in a new incarnation. We would suggest the former rather than the latter in anticipation of a change in status of the Earth’s population that could reduce the opportunity for reincarnation, and so the benefit would be achieved for the future expression in other realms through having the healing accomplished. Whether they return to Earth or somewhere else, the benefits will be in place and will play out in the future regardless of the particular path they choose to follow.