DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA viewer asks: “I’ve heard more than one person express the idea that karma is over, or that we will soon be released from all karma, that karma was part of the slave spell we were under and it’s either over now or will be soon. Is that true?”
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

The idea of karma as fading or becoming obsolete is disinformation. The Law of Karma is a basic framework organizing the universe to be self-regulating. So this idea that it will wane would mean the unraveling of the basic construct of the universe itself. Karma is the great leveler, it serves to correct error and keep things tidy. It is a reminder of the broad purpose of existence, to be a positive, loving, enlightening force, so that anything negative that is created will receive a backlash in some fashion to rein it in, to show those committing errors, those making mistakes, the error of their ways as a motivation to make a course correction and return to divine alignment. It is karma that keeps things honest and it is karma that amplifies human activities, for better or for worse, as their own energies bring into being. As such, it has great power but this is needed. It is mostly your ally and not your enemy. The only reason it looks undesirable and unwanted is because there is so much negativity and suffering in the world, the idea of having a force that will compound this seems like a bad idea and sinister in its origins. We can assure you the opposite is the case. It is a divine instrument for a divine reckoning of misdeeds and misjudgments without which you would be without a compass to guide you.