DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA practitioner asks: “Whenever I say Creator’s Recommended Daily Prayers, also prefacing them with LHP-like empowerments in which I request many beings to add their intentions to my prayers, I have begun asking that, after benefiting me and then my loved one, the remaining prayer energies be used to benefit those adding their intentions in whichever lifetime, time domain, situation or soul expression where they could most benefit. Making this request feels enjoyable to me, like participating in a greater partnership with all who are helping us in the GetWisdom project.” Is this a good idea?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

This is a goodhearted notion that displays the love within you, and this is why it makes you feel good, because love brings love and love giving brings more love to replace it. There are some technical details to consider here with respect to the some of the specific intentions you wish to have carried out. The first issue is that prayers from others cannot be borrowed, except as they share the same intention and purpose. If you are using Creator’s recommended prayers, you can request that all using these prayers have their intentions pooled with your own prayers. Once prayer intentions are launched, they continue to exist. This energy can be used to some extent by the divine realm but it is better to have this explicitly requested in order for us to make the full use, potentially, of the energies you are offering in service to others. So for this idea to work, what would need to happen would be a reframing of this set of prayers to have stated at the outset the intention to have your desires be applied to everyone everywhere as an increment proportional to your spiritual reach, so no one is underserved but all are covered, eventually. That broadens the intentions then, to make them applicable to the wide set of targets that would include you, and allow you to borrow those intentions, as well as all others using the prayers. If you are simply wanting to borrow the prayers because the wording is the same, this cannot be allowed in most cases because others who are using the prayers are praying for their own benefit, or perhaps have requested the prayers be enacted on behalf of themselves and their loved ones. That being the case, they cannot be borrowed for your use because it goes against the free will choice of those humans to pray for what they like, and because they are in charge, their intentions must be followed quite closely.

The second point we would make, relates to the idea of returning the favor of borrowing others’ intentions to have your prayer energies benefit them in “whichever lifetime, time domain, situation, or soul expression where they could most benefit.” We have made the case before, that when it is possible to pray for all, to do so only for a narrow segment or the self alone is a missed opportunity. We would rather see that you have wording similar to the Lightworker Healing Protocol that enables the entire series of requests help everyone in every circumstance across all time domains, in order to be fully comprehensive, as your wording for this assigns us the duty to pick and choose what to work on. To some extent, we do this. But the idea of selectivity has complications because we must serve all in the highest and best way. So this imposes a restriction, with no detailed guidance. But turning over the reins to us, as we cannot lead, this would result in a diminishment rather than an augmentation as you would like to see happen to reward others who are sharing in the prayer work. So the workaround is, as we have explained, for your channel to create an ideal introduction for the set of prayers to make them universally applicable and other leveraging he is already envisioning, and this would be a nice addition overall to the prayer work, because it would put it more on a par with the Lightworker Healing Protocol with regard to universal application and empowerment as well, to have it reused and repurposed to get the most out of the intentions being launched by the individual.