DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA viewer asks: “Sometimes I get overwhelmed, bored or distracted when listening to interviews or doing the Lightworker Healing Protocol, so a while ago when listening to one GetWisdom interview, I asked it to be more entertaining and impactful on myself, so that I can always remember it. For the first time ever, there was a huge spike of emotions from [name withheld]’s side and it got my attention as I know coincidences do not exist. My question is: Would it be relevant to add a phrase to the LHP to make it more engaging and motivate us to keep going in life?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The divine realm cannot lead people or control them to bring about a different state of being unless they request it. So this is very much akin to requesting inspiration and can be done if you wish. There is no restriction on people who may wish to enjoy what they are doing and want to have it more pleasurable. You can see clearly and your question reflects the fact the Lightworker Healing Protocol was not devised as a form of entertainment in any respect, but one of a quite serious purpose to address quite serious needs in quite serious circumstances of an even dire nature, but that does not preclude the possibility you can ask the divine realm for inspiration and encouragement to help you get the most from the experience and to be energetically refreshed and enhanced in the doing to make the session of even greater benefit. We leave this to human ingenuity to ponder.