DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesA viewer asks: “The idea behind the Body Talk process is that the body has its own intelligence and often stores trauma and/or other symptoms of stress in locations in the body where the body is used as a signaling device to the occupying consciousness for what or where healing is needed. Can we ask the divine realm or our higher selves to ask the client’s body directly what needs to be done as a part of the Lightworker Healing protocol?” Is requesting the divine realm to ask the body what needs to be done to address a particular issue the best approach, or would it be best to request the divine realm to direct the deep subconscious mind to the most relevant information in the akashic records underlying their problem, and then work with the subconscious to resolve the trauma it represents?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

In effect, it is the latter that is the most complete and powerful approach, to have the divine realm point the deep subconscious mind to the most relevant events in the akashic record to be focused on, and to engage with the deep subconscious in healing the trauma it represents and has been stored along with the negative emotion of the event itself. It is the negative emotion that causes trouble in the future and will be a driving force dictating a restoration or rebalancing through the Law of Karma until it is satisfied. The Body Talk approach has developed from an intuitive understanding that past wounds do not heal on their own and are registered in the body at specific locations. That is how the body energies work, to assign a kind of energetic history of the battlefield where something took place to cause harm to the individual, and use that location and the nerve plexus nearest to it as a way to signal the presence of the stored negativity. The negativity will be triggering those nerves energetically to cause emotion whenever there is a reminder through a similar event taking place, or some source of stress that in some fashion is a parallel to what happened earlier and there is a sympathetic resonance energetically that gets the stored wound buzzing, so to speak.

What is truly needed is not simply the location, or even the nature of the experience itself, but to further have a way to set it right, to restore harmony once again and a full energetic rebalancing to bring the body back into harmony so the mind will not be perturbed and there will be no emotional turmoil within that can drag the person down and interfere with their life by having the old trauma rear its ugly head, even in a subsequent incarnation, and get in the way of the person’s happiness and productivity. The most direct way to heal this is to always go to the akashic record and trace the repository of information about the event, so what is lodged in the body can be a stepping stone to that insight and awareness. So it is useful to a human healer to use the body as a signaling tool to share what it is feeling, where it is lodged, and this can help bring up a recollection of a past dilemma for attention and some healing assistance. That is simply the first step in carrying out healing. There must be an effective follow-up process to set things right in a way to satisfy the energetic need for a rebalancing to happen.

Where this process falls short is it only rarely will enable crossing the divide between events in the current life and those in the deep past of other lifetimes. Most people cannot bridge that gap because the information has been seen by their deep subconscious mind but it cannot share the details with the conscious level no matter what is done to facilitate the dialogue, including a deep hypnotic trance. That is why a subconscious channeling approach carried out by a human channeler, or by a divine agent in spirit going to the deep subconscious level and engaging with it to find its way to the akashic records of key prior trauma events related to the client’s current issue will be so very productive, and essential to find the deepest root cause of suffering. So we would recommend describing this approach to couple it with the Lightworker Healing Protocol for those key issues of greatest importance for the client and have the divine realm work in this purposeful way with the deep subconscious to add additional healing benefits. This adds greater specificity and is of particular value when a person at least understands the nature of their suffering enough to give a cogent description of a specific problem, even though it might be general in nature. If they are hurting, this technique will be useful to bring to bear, using their words as a description, to give it priority and see that healing is carried out.