DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA client asks: “I didn’t want to bother you with this question, but lately my guides have been awfully adamant that they are trying to tell me something. I keep seeing repeating 6s and 5s much more often than I ever have before. I looked up the meanings of this and the answers can vary quite a bit and it’s hard to know which interpretation holds the most water. Basically, it seems like change in the wrong direction? What are my guides trying to tell me?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

There is a communication ongoing but this is a contest of sorts with outside interlopers trying to confuse things by interposing their own manipulations as a kind of propaganda effort to mislead and misguide. So you are being given guidance with accuracy all along and you are adept with respect to interpreting what you need to feel and understand about the ongoing life issues as they arise.

The attempted interference is causing some confusion within the deep subconscious as it is doing its best to filter the messages and respond appropriately, all in the face of the major disconnect present in every human being so that an accurate conversation cannot take place, so it is stranded and alone, and is quite vulnerable to manipulation in most individuals. With your greater awareness of the possibilities for disinformation and mischief from the usual suspects, you are on your guard most of the time and this serves you well. So we would encourage you to simply let go of this as an exercise or an open question knowing that you are safe, you are doing well, and your sense of things is keen and will continue to be protected with divine oversight.