DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReligionsA viewer wonders if I read the Bible or follow the Scriptures and is uncomfortable that our information is not coming from that source. What can we say to him and others who believe following the Bible is an absolute requirement?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The key requirement to be in divine alignment is to follow divine principles with your life in how you treat yourself and others. This is not wholly contained nor described within the Bible in how to proceed. The Bible is a kind of snapshot of world events two millennia ago and earlier, and is greatly out of date with respect to many cultural changes and the growth of human knowledge and technological development. There is a much greater sophistication with education assisting the spread of knowledge much more widely than ever before. There is a need for new knowledge and information and that is the purpose of the ongoing effort you are making to channel us to fill in gaps, for information not covered by the Bible in the thinking of those living in early times. Because we never lead but only help support, there could only be information given to answer issues of immediate concern, and then only stay within existing knowledge for the most part, with a few hints about expanding perspectives for people to consider. This is what is termed inspiration.

When people come forth with a new idea that is divinely inspired, it truly comes from us, but from the deep inner recesses of the mind and wells up as seemingly a person’s own idea when in fact, it may be gifted for them to recognize. If it is embraced and they act on it to share it with others, the mission is accomplished from our perspective, but always needs human cooperation. This process of inspiration was never, and we repeat never, intended to stop with the biblical era. We have been inspiring people all through the ages and it continues in the current moment and is taking place right now for the channeler of this message. He is coming forward with an earnest desire to help this inquirer understand the divine perspective and how it can integrate with his prior teachings that are focused on the Bible as the be-all and end-all of divine wisdom and a handbook for living.

The reality here is that life is continually growing and expanding, and this is true of human behavior and thought and the progress culturally that has taken place since those days. There are many circumstances and dilemmas that are not covered by the Bible specifically, and this leaves many loose ends and allows much variance in trying to apply biblical injunctions to guide modern living. As such, it falls short in many ways and is truly out of date.

The other problem we would point out gently, is the Bible is not an accurate, word for word accounting of divine words or intentions either. It is heavily redacted, it is modified and edited, many things have been withheld, and many things have been manipulated to create false impressions that serve the powers that be, the human regimes guided by their negative interloper influencers to twist religions into a tool that serves the suppression of humanity. This is evident in the heavy-handed judgmental tone, the casting of humans in the role of being unworthy supplicants who are subservient to divine whim, and must work avidly to please God or receive punishment.

This dark view of things, that God is judgmental, that humans are weaklings, is a deliberate distortion and a deliberate manipulation to disempower the human and to create difficulty all along the way. Under the rules we must follow ourselves in giving human control of their own world, such negative thinking will lock us out and we can no longer be helping. If humans disempower themselves and feel they must stay within the fences of their holy writ, we must stand aside and let them have their misinterpretation and their self-imposed harsh discipline—coming not from God but from those who would twist the divine messages into an authoritarian rule to make humans live with uncertainty and fear about what the divine realm might do to them.

The very fact this person feels uneasy leaving the safe haven of the Bible in trusting new information is direct evidence of the effectiveness in herding people into a fenced-in enclosure and convincing them this is the only place safe to be. Anyone who jumps the fence will feel uneasy and at risk and will long to return to the fold and be safe again. It is no different than a long-term prisoner who, after decades of being locked in a cage, is terrified at the prospect of being released and will not feel safe no matter where they go, because they don’t have the prison structure and rules to give them a familiar environment and a place to feel secure and protected.

When people are truly on their own, it can be exhilarating or it can be terrifying. We do not promote the idea of being alone, it is unnecessary, particularly because we are within each in every person. So we are creating a relationship from our end at all times. It is up to human to reach out to us and embrace us in fellowship, and cultivate an inner awareness of our presence and our accessibility. You need not turn to a book to feel close to God when God is within you always, and reachable by your very thoughts.

To take the Bible literally has been exalted as a sign of righteousness and a source of distinction. To become expert at things brings with it prestige and respect of one’s fellows. We would simply point out that the extent of potential knowledge did not end with the final chapter of the Bible, because life has moved forward, and therefore divine teachings and wisdom should logically move forward as well. That is what your channel is doing—bringing forward new divine wisdom in the context of questions being asked by contemporary human beings wanting additional knowledge and insight about things, and not always feeling comfortable with biblical teachings.

If you look carefully at the Bible, there are many glaring contradictions. How can this be if it speaks with one voice, and if everything is true, and everything truly divine in origin? What is true is the reality of a divine Creator who loves each and every human and wants them to flourish, to expand and grow, and to rise to ever new heights. This will not happen if knowledge is frozen for all time based on current or recent events. While the span of coverage in the Bible is multiple centuries to some extent, that is but a tiny slice of time over the course of human existence, and with extrapolation into a future which may be unending. It is laughable that such a tiny view through the eyes of human beings themselves in constructing what they believe is the right way to worship, to embrace divine truth and implement it in society, could ever be the last word, to stand for all time. You need look no further than the Ten Commandments for proof of this, as they fall short in many ways in covering the many moral dilemmas facing humanity.

We are not here to burst anyone’s bubble and weaken their faith. We are pointing out that your faith need not depend on the wisdom within a 2000-year-old manuscript, no matter what its origin or pedigree is represented to be. There are many divine teachings and principles on display, many words of wisdom, but not words ideally phrased or stated with today’s language. It is largely metaphorical to begin with, and that always leads to a wide variation of interpretations, and this is where humans get into trouble and then differences of opinion arise. The very fact that the major religions all believe they have the true way and will look down on other faiths as being in many ways misguided, shows the problem quite clearly, where the Jews believe they are the chosen ones, the Christians believe that Jesus is the ultimate gateway to heaven, whereas the Muslims embrace Mohammed and have many differences in their Scripture for ways to live and how to interact with the divine realm. All are promoting divine wisdom, but all have distortions that have arisen because humans were involved in transmitting information and in shaping the narrative.

This is true of all prophets as well. There is always a possibility for misinterpretation and distortion. There are many false prophecies contained in the Scriptures among the religions, from the same problem that exists today—that most who channel presumed higher sources are being misled by low-level beings, so the messages cannot be trusted. Many of these have found their way into the Scriptures of religious faiths and are now carved in stone as the truth, but in fact, are planted there by imposters wanting to cause confusion and to promote ideas that are working against divine principles. To simply take a work of any kind and elevate it to be unassailable, unquestioned, and believed in literally, to the exclusion of any other perspective, is a self-imposed imprisonment of ideas and will have consequences that can be quite severe in limiting the entirety of a person’s life, and set in motion consequences that may even carry into future lives if that leads to harm in some way or a restriction causing pain and suffering.

We know you will not win hearts and minds by attacking people’s faith, but that is not our intention here in giving you these words. We are arming you with truth. It is up to those who listen to decide for themselves, does this make sense that there is more to the universe than any one book, any one body of supposed holy writings? All have divine wisdom within. The question is in the details. Are they also embracing some misguided interpretations? This is always the danger, and 2000 years later the gap has grown so wide that this is the reason many have left religion altogether, because it is outdated and they sense intuitively, it has been corrupted, and that is the problem we are highlighting here.

The fact there may be faulty arguments, disinformation, or corrupted thinking in some of the text does not negate the whole. It is no different than any body of scholarly work. This is routine in the sciences, for example, where today’s interpretation of things will, over time, change radically. And this illustrates why it is not a good idea to teach today’s generation of scientists and engineers by restricting them to a 2000-year-old science textbook. Such an idea in that context would, on its face, be universally recognized as being ridiculous, but somehow, when it comes to spirituality people assume there was a singular event when divine truth came forward during a span of a few centuries and that information should stand as is, verbatim, for all of time.

To think this must be so, is reflecting a kind of cult-like programming that is instilled and ingrained in people’s thinking, and reinforced with the threat of punishment should they stray from divine injunctions and make an error of interpretation. “Woe to the one who offends God” is the cudgel that will be in the back of the mind among the faithful. It is a classic carrot and stick approach to indoctrination. That is why it exists through the religions, and it is accentuated to make people fearful and disempowered. There is a carrot and as stick, both, within the universe. Speaking from a broad perspective, the carrot is divine love and that is the driving force for the universe and is our perspective always in all matters—not judgment, not anger, not jealousy. The stick is provided by the workings of karma, meaning that the energy of what humans create with their thoughts, words, and deeds, changes things and those changes will eventually circle back to them as the originator of that energy, and they will receive it in like measure in a similar fashion or even magnified. The good they do will bring them rewards, the bad they do will bring them difficulty, including pain and suffering in many cases, as they experience what they inflicted on others.

That is the way the universe is designed inherently, to keep things in balance and to foster a positive progression that will normally happen because people are more careful to avoid the negative and do not shy away from the positive under normal circumstances. When there is a manipulation of a culture through oppression that distorts things so that negative influences began to dominate, this creates a downward spiral but is an unnatural circumstance. This is what humanity is experiencing and needs to escape from. A 2000-year-old Scripture will not be powerful enough to make things clear about today’s problems or the best solution. It is that simple. You can cling to the past with its limitations, or you can accept new divine wisdom, knowing that you have never been abandoned and God is omnipresent. This is taught in the Scriptures themselves. It is time to embrace the part that is true and to begin letting go of those things that may be untrue.

Anything that promotes fear, judgment, punishment, and human conflict of any kind, is not divine—when you see these perspectives promoted in the Scriptures as being from the divine, it is an untruth, it is that simple. So we are not going to sugarcoat this for you, that is a tool of the darkness. We are telling it like it is and you must make up your own minds. Many will turn away still and see this as a further attempt to corrupt and to cast aspersions on their beloved faith-based belief in their holy writings they revere. But this is their choice. People make such choices all the time and we must allow this. We do not judge them or condemn them. They are condemning themselves to limitation, that is the price they pay. The choice is up to them.

We are here to support and love them always, but must allow their free expression and the consequences will follow from what they choose to do and choose not to do. It will not be our divine judgment or punishment of them, but if they choose a path that leads to dead ends or is not enough to solve their problems, then what happens to them will be in keeping with taking the low road, so to speak. The high road is one of being open to enlightenment, being open to inspiration, being open to expansion and growth that, by definition, cannot come from a body of knowledge that is static and exists in an archive unalterable, unchanging, and becoming less relevant by the day in some ways.