DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA viewer writes: “Following a daily ‘meditation’ practice described in a book I read, during one of these sessions I believe I received my one and only clear message from the divine. Given the cautions around meditation, I am confused as to whether I should continue this practice and whether it is a ‘beneficial’ form of meditation which could assist with developing intuitive ability to connect with the divine, or are there better or faster ways to achieve this?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Almost any intention to do an outreach intuitively will find its target because the divine always knows what you are thinking. The problem is on the other end of the conversation. You do not need anything fancy to be heard. If a ritual process increases your belief that something will happen, it can make a difference, but that is all it accomplishes—it is not magic, it is not something beyond the self that it signals, it is only you and your psychology that is potentially influenced. The truth of things is that Creator is within you at all times and the divine realm is always at hand and attuned to you. Your intuitive gateway, as is true for all humans, has been tampered with and is faulty to a significant degree. That is the basic dilemma here.


We are working on all human beings to do correction of this but it is a time-consuming proposition. In the meantime, if you want to communicate your thoughts, your desires, and requests for divine assistance, you can do so at any time without limit. You will always be heard. Your prayerful requests will be acted on, to the extent allowable, and you will receive many blessings.


The best way to enhance your intuitive reach is to request assistance for this by your higher self and Creator both. This allows healing work to be done in the areas permissible under the rules of engagement to not abrogate your free will—to be under restriction. If you believe this is carved in stone, it will be, and will prove to be unchangeable. You must have belief in us and belief in yourself and the possibility that you can open up your reach and be rewarded. Deep inner blocks require deep inner healing, so repeated requests for healing help are a necessary component in doing personal development for better intuitive awareness. Simply meditating will do little of benefit. The key is what you request directly of the divine realm and its representatives in a direct statement of intention with an open, allowing, inner balance, and calm.