DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIf karma needs to be repaid or resolved, then is reincarnation really a choice or would it be very, very difficult to choose not to reincarnate because of the drive to resolve the karma? That is, doesn’t the karmic model subtly encourage reincarnation, particularly if karma can only be resolved when in physical form?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

As light beings, you do not think in the same way as humans in the physical. The perspective is a much more lofty one, not considering personal risk, personal liability, personal suffering, or personal gain. The focus is on service to the collective good. This is why you come into life as human beings in the first place, all who are here have chosen to come because you wish to serve the cause of the light, the cause of good over evil, the cause of progression towards the enlightenment and expansion of the divine human project. This is a very worthwhile undertaking and is universally recognized and embraced by the bravest who dedicate themselves to this cause.

Karma is independent of manipulation by the divine realm when it is doing what it does. Karmic potentials can be healed, karmic effects can be healed and, in effect, undone as well by the divine realm, but this requires a good reason and will not be done lightly in circumventing the Law of Cause and Effect to favor one person over another. There must be a need and a compelling reason, and an ultimate benefit to the greater good to carry this out. This is why healing is complex, problematic, uncertain, and slow in coming. Many times, it is slowed by the need to recognize the role of karma at work and not interfere too greatly with its requirements. But this is not a reason to shirk one’s duty or to avoid the task at hand. All, who come here willingly, know this, and assume that risk because they can view it with a longer and wider perspective that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences and the temporary losses with the inevitable setbacks that happen from time to time—some being quite major, but that is simply the nature of things and is understood and accepted.

You, as a human being, may have a hard time understanding this because you do not see the prize that makes all the difference here. It is beyond your understanding, but the light beings can see what is involved and what is at stake, and that is one aspect of the high level of dedication people contribute to this undertaking—on average, representing hundreds of lives in service to the cause. This is a blessing and a gift to the human collective and to the universe as well. There are many civilizations in parallel that will benefit enormously from the healing that will be brought to bear to make up for lost time and correct and right the wrongs of history. You are in this for the same reasons and give of yourself willingly to come down. We understand life can take a toll on high hopes and dreams, and make people gun-shy, so to speak, or quite fearful, and lead them to become quite cynical and discouraged about the prospects for things improving. That is simply the toll that mounts with continued difficulty and, at times, failures and setbacks.

The sojourn in the light in between lives is a blessing and allows restoration of the higher perspective. That is what enables you to re-enter the fray with fresh perspectives and renewed vigor. It is unfortunate that the memory of all that has come before is present on file but shows only the earth plane experiences. That is a function of the way the akashic records work—you can see what you have done from your current plane of involvement, but not the things involving you elsewhere in other planes of existence. This creates a partial and somewhat distorted picture of things and, to the hapless human whose deep subconscious goes looking, will gain a very biased perspective of the risks and the losses along the way, but not see the contrast with life in the light and beyond—that is where you are all headed when the enterprise has reached a turning point. You are not there yet, but this can happen and will be happening quite soon now compared to the long investment that has been made over thousands of years, and may well reach fruition within a decade. This is not time to quit the race.