DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialAccording to Jim Maars, I believe Jim Maars as a light being, we have been living under the limits of extraterrestrial dominated institutions. What are the capabilities of a human being that is not separated from the deep subconscious or from a full connection with their higher self?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This you never see currently because it is not possible for this to happen on its own yet within the human population through the process of propagation of the species. It has happened in the past under select circumstances to bring in great teachers and great healers who have that level of connection, even in physical form and walk the Earth. So this has happened in the past with the great icons of the great religions. You can look these up for yourself as we do not want to limit the discussion to only those examples because our purpose is not to endorse religion, per se, but to point out what the divine human truly represents with fuller expression. When someone is walking the Earth as physical human and talking with us directly within their thoughts and able to have guidance and inspiration directly, this is a completely new way of experiencing things. This channeling is a small taste of what that might be like. You are coming forward from a mix of people through time sending questions to a general repository which are then selected among and then asked in this setting indirectly through your channel and receiving answers.

If you had this capability yourself real time, with all your thoughts, to have a divine reaction, a sounding board—not a nanny or an overseer, but a divine partner who could impart wisdom as needed to help expand your awareness and understanding of the challenges you face and the choices before you, it would not be telling you what to do, but inspiring you to understand with greater wisdom the implications, so you can make a more intelligent and thoughtful and wise choice in how you go about living. In the same way, if you are were not disconnected from the deep level of your subconscious you would know the details of your entire history—where you were before, what you did, what happened, what you learned from it and what you did not learn. It would be available for review and to ponder and to perhaps seek a different path, given a new and fresh opportunity to engage with life, in a new setting, in a new era, with different individuals to some extent—or even with the same family group, for example, having an opportunity to rethink things and choose a different way to respond to the treatment of others and perhaps be a more positive influence than perhaps took place in a prior incarnation and you added to a problem or were too helpless to withstand mistreatment.

So in this life you can simply do better by seeing the lessons of what happened and heading things off proactively to have a better outcome. This changes everything because you will be smarter, more knowledgeable, wiser, more capable, and have an array of inner resources to do what you might want to see happen much more effectively and with a certainty of success you cannot hope to achieve living disconnected and in a state of ignorance. This is not the be‑all and end‑all either. This is simply a taste of what will come with your graduation from the physical Earth beginnings. This is the nursery, in effect, for divine human to see how you thrive, see how you respond to what happens and see if you can surmount basic problems in dealing with adversity and the problems, in the bargain, of the manipulation and disconnection. So you are separated from your lifeline to a significant degree, both the personal interior as well as the divine.

One could hardly imagine a more difficult challenge. This is why we see you and speak of you as consisting of greatness. No one would give this problem to a child, but only to a giant. This is who you are. You outrank everyone and everything else with your capability and with the soul’s purpose you were created for. You will only have a part of that in your experience as physical human, but we wish you to see the inherent capability and understand that these are not idle words, false promises, or exaggerations. They are a portent. They are a sign, and they are a preview of coming attractions you have within your ability to achieve—but it is your choice to embrace the possibility of this grand destiny or to reject it.

Most are not participating in the choice and, in effect, dragging you down with them. You need to take action and strong action and purposeful action to right this wrong being done to you, for that is what it is. Your choice is being made for you not truly by you. It is being engineered to happen without your awareness and with most humans corralled into a holding action, keeping them suppressed in a state of ignorance, and complacent. Even as the ship founders and is taking on water, so to speak, you who are awake and hear these words have easy choices from our prospective. Do you choose a future life? Do you choose a life of magnificent and divine possibilities or do you choose slavery and death? That seems to us a simple choice, but this must be earned through action. So it is not something you can do passively. It will not happen without your participation but all we ask is for your outreach to request our assistance and to dedicate your thoughts and intentions to high purpose—to look for love, find ways to live with love and be loving to others, and invite the divine to help you in the challenge and to amplify your efforts, to not only join in beside you but to amplify your desires for the betterment of all. That is a divine solution and you can be the divine agent to make it happen.