DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialThis is another one of those questions where I think you’ve kind of answered it already, but I’m going to go ahead and ask it in case there’s any other aspects that you’d want to emphasize. What is truly possible with an openly conversant walk with the divine and have many other galactic civilizations experienced this?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Many other advanced galactic civilizations experience a close interrelationship with the divine. This is true of all the angelics. It is true of all humans returning to the light. They are with us directly, interacting on a continual basis, many quite closely, and this is all your choosing. No one is excluded from our presence. No one is given a lower ranking and denied access to us, our energies, our thoughts, and all that we can do in supporting the expression of your soul. This is the hardest thing for people to realize because it is so foreign to their experience. It is much like the plight of someone born without the normal senses having to make their way in a sightless world—perhaps hearing impaired in the bargain, and having few ways to understand things, or even communicate with parents and other human beings. This is the life you are experiencing at the moment, but we can tell you the joys of being part of the divine community are many and varied. This is a creative enterprise and it is a co‑creative and multi‑creative enterprise with many, many beings working alone, and in groups, and with Creator in parallel, to create many new enterprises and levels of experience and share many delights with one another. And this is no greater in expression than within the community of divine humans as light beings. Those of you in the physical are living with your training wheels, so to speak. You can barely crawl, let alone run and walk, in terms of soul potential.

But that is part of the experiencing that is intentional, up to a point, to help you understand fully the gradations of power and its expression and the capability and what happens as a consequence with a perception of consciousness within matter itself and within various organisms who may appreciate their existence but capable of perceiving something beyond the self and wondering about it, and perhaps entertaining the idea of engaging energetically in a way that is not in the best interest of another party who will see to their learning, their growth the imparting of wisdom. This can be you in interacting with worlds and organisms of your devising. But you must know how to go about it. You must know what is at stake if it is not attended to, or done in a haphazard way, or incomplete way, or in an inappropriate way that introduces negativity along with a positive intention. This is all a consequence of hard‑won learning through experience. This is the reason for going through what you are going through here. This is a learning curve of grand proportions that has gone on from the beginning of the creation of the universe.

The universe you currently inhabit was created for you to be here as a part of, and to be a major influence on its destiny. Nothing can state in clearer terms what you represent and what your future can hold for you, each and every one of you, no matter who you are, where you are, and the nature of your current life and accomplishments—big, small, or largely negative. Those are superficial characteristics. They are circumstances of the moment only, and only are a partial and tiny reflection of your soul potential.

What is out there for you is so much vaster, but must be earned and must be prepared to take on that larger capability. This is when you will fully realize once again what Creator is truly like and the experience of being in a partnership directly with Creator without a filter, without separation and without distance that seems to be a separation. All are an illusion, but you do not see our presence because your eyes do not see it. Your ears do not hear it. Your tactile senses do not feel it. You only know it in the stirrings of your heart, in the feeling of love you have within you, those capable of loving thoughts and energetics. You see it in the beauty of nature all around you. If that stirs you, if it uplifts you, you are touching the divine in that experience. That is perhaps the closest example we can give to you because it is tangible. It is available through your human senses. This is a pale semblance of the totality of energetic awareness of your full consciousness and its expression of your soul. That is a much vaster, richer, diverse and complex interplay in experiencing the reality of Creator and makes the human awareness and the normal physical senses quite pale in comparison.

So again, we are not here to point out limitations to make you feel unworthy, or feel diminished or inferior in any respect. This is your training ground and must be so. It is worsened by the interlopers, and your plight is not because of us and this is why it is on your shoulders to deal with. It is, in part, created and allowed by you and this is a long story indeed. But the benefits in solving it are so tremendous as an advantage for you in growth and learning it is truly, in its way, a godsend because this will be an accelerated learning you can achieve in no other way. You will be battle‑hardened, battle-tested and battle-ready for all that may come, and we only state that to put it in a human framework of the extreme level of capability that is the end result—not to imply you are headed for more battles, in fact your battles will be largely over. You will be not only above the fray, living in a higher divine plane of existence, but you will be in control of things in a way and to a degree you cannot enjoy as a physical human.

It is like transferring from the state of an infant—vulnerable and quite dependent on the nurturing and care given by the parents, growing then into an adult with a full range of capabilities with adult wisdom, knowledge, logic, and capability to make things happen energetically to change your future, to make many decisions in where to be, how to be, who to be. This is the contrast between your current existence even with all you know and have learned as human in physical form with what is to come. We look forward with great delight to seeing this future unfold for you as it will be the greatest of blessings you can imagine.

We wish you well in achieving this because it must be earned and must be your doing. We are doing all we can to give you the knowledge to act in the way to make this happen. It is not complicated. The difficulty is within you, accepting our story, accepting its meaning, accepting its validity, and embracing the message and its great importance, and the timeliness needed for action in order to save the day. All go hand in hand and all, even hearing this message, are hearing counter messages constantly in a subliminal fashion as propaganda from the interlopers. And for many this is quite an interior contest that takes place and results in a wavering back and forth. In a sense it is a contest for attention—even for engaging thought about your future destiny and the scenario we described for you. So it’s not a simple matter of hearing and acting on our words as an obvious best choice and in fact a divine blessing beyond measure.

It is a question of whether you can escape the ensnarement of your thoughts and beliefs by all that is done to undermine, subvert and program you to disregard such ideas and to remain on a human level and discard anything beyond the conventional. This message is relentless and is present everywhere through all sources of manipulation, and they are many. Humans are bombarded relentlessly to keep the status quo—not only through complacency but through diversions and distractions of all kinds that seem to demand one’s attention but ultimately turn out to be more of a sideshow, like a three-ring circus, so one can pick the drama of their choosing. But all are meant to keep people away from embracing reality and understanding the true nature of things and, in particular, to keep them from acting in a way that is in their best interest.