DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWe have learned that along with the dark alien agenda for humans, the extraterrestrials have also shortened the lifespan of the sun. How can the healing needed once performed, change the situation for the sun?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is a good example of what we were describing in terms of the need of the universe for balance when it is disturbed through a negative action that removes love, prevents love, distorts love, or squanders love in a way that leaves someone without. This is a perfect example in the physical terms of altering the solar body and changing its very destiny on which the Earth and all of humanity depends for survival. One can think of few crimes of greater magnitude. It might be a long‑term problem from your perspective and a difficulty delayed in coming, but it immediately changes your potential destiny and seals your fate in the bargain and if left unaddressed what this means is, everything you do from here on out will be altered forever by this act that has been launched into reality that will play out over a long span of time. But its inevitability is certain because of the energy involved and the distortion and corruption that has been introduced.

This has created, at the same time, a huge long‑term karmic debt for the perpetrators enacting this. That will play out in the distant future, but in the meantime, it is your fate that hangs in the immediate balance. Their fate will be determined by the sum total of their actions within the universe, and this certainly counts against them because karmic burdens are very, very real. There are no limits to the power karma can enact. And so, people and extraterrestrials as well (and this includes the dark spirits) have much to contend with by unleashing large‑scale negativity. The object lesson that is clear and the best illustration we can give you of this is that the plight of the dark spirits has already reached that level where, in effect, they have burned their bridges to the divine through long‑standing predation of other beings to drag them down, to introduce negativity into their worlds, and unbalance things to such a degree, we made the decision to no longer support them energetically. For a time, they have persisted and continued to exist by siphoning energy from other beings. They cannot live any longer independently as you can as humans and that means their ultimate destruction unless they are rescued in some way. That will not be done by us. We have created them to give them the opportunity to flourish. They have chosen to squander the opportunity through harming others and karma is seeing to their fate.

That can be changed through a creative act if it is done by human beings. This would be an act of loving kindness, and would elevate you in the doing, and would change the destiny of many beings who it is possible to save—but someone needs to speak for them. They do not seek this themselves because of their level of disconnection and deception that is projecting into their awareness as disinformation— but it is nonetheless their inability to surmount the problem that seals their fate. This is why life is serious after all, it is not a playground, it is not a movie projected on a screen, or energy within some type of divine matrix that occurs with our thoughts, and can disappear as quickly and has no greater relevance. It is truly life and death at all levels—no matter what level of energy you experience. The stakes are always high. That is why everything is important and no small detail undeserving of your attention.

So we see this grand future playing out for you solely because you have not given up fully the possibility of your betterment. It is close to reaching that point because of the subjugation. But this can change with your awareness if you choose to help your brethren and to help, in particular, the perpetrators. In the bargain, the sun can be healed. This will help the entirety of the enterprise because it is the stain on the synagogue wall, it is the brutality inflicted on a female victim by a predator molesting and perhaps killing them savagely, or preying on a child to forever darken their heart, and wound them beyond repair and conceiving of the possibility of there being a loving God, or even love directed to them by another human being. All such wounding at any level of the environment physically, or human beings and their very soul expression, are a stain on the universe—but healing is always possible, but must be chosen. That is your power that you have—to choose healing and to choose who the healing will help and that will be of benefit to everyone. You are always in the loop because you are interconnected with everything in existence.

It is the weight of the burden carried by the perpetrator that sits most heavily on you, because it is what is sinking them so low, to be so desperately depraved in wanting your suffering and ultimate demise. The way forward, and the way beyond this eventuality, is choosing love for all because the interconnected nature of things guarantees that love will flow wherever it is needed. It is not an either/or choice. It is all or none. That is the wisdom we can give you for the enterprise. If you embrace the wisdom and act accordingly, you can heal the sun, and heal the interlopers and humanity as well, in the bargain, because healing of the sun flows to all of you at least indirectly. This is the wisdom in the power of forgiveness as well. The love spreads. It is an energy that is boundless and never ceases. It goes where it is sent and it keeps on going. This is the nature of energy and the ultimate great lesson of your physics—that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This is true of love energy and if you think of this as a gift and a gateway to a better life and a better future for the entirety of existence, you are thinking on a divine level.

This is why love is the ultimate answer for things. But the important wisdom to have is in knowing how to deploy requests for divine love and to direct it and keep it purposed for the highest benefit and the most important priorities. Everything will be attended to ultimately if you can deal with the big problems in your way and do this in time. That is the challenge you face, and we are here to help you.