DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAn outwardly successful business owner, who was also a black belt martial artist and powerfully built, and who carried himself as if nothing in the universe could possibly frighten him, turned out to have an inordinate fear of water. So much so, that when invited to a pool party with an above-ground pool only five feet deep, and with him being over six feet tall, he still would not go in the water, but was observed to keep himself well away from the pool’s edge. What can account for this man’s deep-seated phobia of water?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Here again is past life recollection distorting the current life experience from stirring up fear. He drowned helplessly in a past life and it was a terrifying death. It is being relived over and over by his deep subconscious who is looking at the akashic records and replaying it like a movie, and knows it was experienced personally but cannot see that it is another life that is over and done with. So there is no inner reasoning to put this in perspective, that it was painful and disastrous then but it does not mean there will be a reoccurrence in the present life—that is the piece that is missing here. What keeps it alive and painful is the stored negativity from the trauma—that is the dynamic behind all of these kinds of discord—the original trauma was never healed, so the negative consequences are stored energetically in the akashic records as a part of the record of what happened. When a person connects to it, they will feel the pain and it will seem quite fresh and it becomes a compelling karmic need to do something. Because the person in the current life has no capability to heal it, given the state of ignorance about such things, they can only try to cope and deal with the inner fear it will happen again, and this leads to much suffering and confusion because it will not be consciously perceived as to the origin of the dilemma having such a strong emotional impact on the current life. What is needed is a resolution for that past trauma for the fear to be eliminated—that can only be done through deep subconscious channeling with a facilitation of trauma resolution—there is no other way to resolve it completely.