DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaThere is a martial artist who has six black belts in six different disciplines. Once when asked “why,” he replied, “others golf, this is what I do.” But another time he was overheard complaining after practicing with weapons (wooden swords and knives) that he simply couldn’t stand “being vulnerable” as he put it. This from a man with six black belts. Can Creator share what trauma has clearly fueled this man’s lifelong obsession with self-defense?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

While the warrior archetype is alive and well today because human combat continues in various locations around the world, this has been a prominent feature of human society for millennia now. Most males have had their innings in combat or as civilians being victimized from being in harm’s way at a time of war when invading armies, or bands of marauders in the subsequent lawlessness that followed, came through to rape and pillage, and were no match for the superior forces and their armaments. Having had his life cut short during a number of such lifetimes, this person can see this through the deep subconscious inspection of the akashic records of those lifetimes, and in response has become quite determined to be prepared for anything in the current life so as not to be caught unawares and ill-equipped to do battle. He is literally becoming a soldier, even though he is a civilian, because of his inner fear it will save his life one day. While that is possible, it is unlikely, given his age and presence in the current culture, that he will be doing frontline duty in the military or even be subjected to an invasion force; nonetheless, he is acting on an inner compulsion to address the non-problem.