DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolAnother practitioner comments about that idea: “Just a thought, maybe, in coordination with asking for more Creator-driven education of our deep subconscious minds, we could ask Creator to provide soul-based upgrades to our deep subconscious minds, perhaps in a parallel fashion to something Karl once said we could ask for, which as I recall was for Creator to bring into our current soul extension’s “toolbox” some gifts held by other parts of our soul that were developed by it in other lifetimes, that we could really use to good advantage in this present lifetime.” Is there a way to do this effectively?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a nice idea but the problem is the deep subconscious will be clueless as to what it might need in the way of such capabilities and so will not know what to ask for and this cannot be provided unilaterally by the divine realm. In a sense, all healing is a reworking of the person and their energy to bring them back into a state of alignment they have likely experienced before and possibly in many lifetimes and, in effect, accomplished the skill of maintaining an equilibrium to be healthy and happy, at least for a time. So rather than invoke advice and training about bringing in something intangible that may be even hard for the deep subconscious to envision, attacking directly sources of discord and infirmity to work on them one by one creates a concrete goal the deep subconscious can relate to and will lead to the reacquisition of prior skills in the doing.