DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersAnother question arises from this statement by Creator: “So this well-known risk of power, that ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ has applied once again in the story of Lucifer. This need not be so, but if not guarded against is a trap for the unwary.” This seems to be a bit of a paradoxical conundrum. On the one hand, Creator is saying “if not guarded against” followed by “trap for the unwary.” The word “unwary” implies ignorance, a critical lack of experience with negative consequences, and failure to take precautions. Is this essentially what happened to Lucifer? Was he a victim of his own prior successes—too much success, and not enough failure to truly instill in him the wisdom and forbearance needed to avoid catastrophe?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

He was not a victim of too much success, he was a victim of his inability to make a course correction when the success led to becoming too enamored of the power he experienced in having so much unilateral influence and control of things, and so many looking to him for leadership and approval, all of which contributed to becoming too enamored of the praise and flattery and the pitfall of it, in effect, becoming addicting. He was constantly yearning for more, and this led to excesses where he overreached, and while this created frustration in finding it to bring less success, rather than rebalancing things in a healthy, positive manner, he began to take shortcuts that he believed would allow the greater reach and rewards he sought and was blind to the selfish aspect of his choices. That was the nature of the corruption here that was his undoing, and the object lesson in this is again that, cultivating humility is divine because it is the best antidote for excess that will ultimately corrupt when not deserved.