DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationAs in life down here, there are different levels of planning. Long-range plans, short-term plans, contingency plans, emergency plans, and in extreme circumstances, snap judgments. Can Creator share some high-level examples of these types of plans?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

If you think about the great figures of history whether great leaders, great humanitarians, great thinkers, great healers, their lives are outsized for a reason. In part it is because they have prepared for those roles often through many lifetimes of service and learning the hard way by taking on daunting challenges and working through the many dilemmas it creates, and working at healing the many wounds they inevitably suffer so they can still function well and return to the struggle with renewed vigor and usually owing to divine support in having a thriving partnership with the divine through deep belief in God. That preparation pays off when their “mission lives” are planned to come in and leave their mark on history by showing the way to growth and advancement in bringing divine wisdom into the awareness of many, many human beings who will be inspired and will gain from the exercise a new perspective about the meaning and purpose of life and how they see their own role, and in the process of seeing the example provided by these leaders, will be inspired and raised up themselves—to do more, to be more, to think loftier thoughts, and to be encouraged and strengthened in their belief in the cause of love and the importance of having clear vision, a lofty ideal in mind, and doing whatever they take on in an ethical way that keeps them in divine alignment where there is an earnest desire and zeal to pursue the goals and succeed, but with due regard for the feelings and rights of others to not exclude and confront but to reach out to and embrace others and seek a widening partnership with fellow humans and thus create a wider wave of love to help humanity advance.

You can be sure that many of the milestones achieved by the great figures in history were planned in the light before the individual was born and many things set in motion and divinely supported and orchestrated to bring together collaborators, facilitators, compatriots who could be relied on as friends and effective colleagues so even quite lofty goals could be reached by virtue of being able to create a critical mass of supporters, persuade skeptics and naysayers of the wisdom of their ideas, and gain support—and often even political support so things could be done on a national scale or internationally to advance a cause and uplift humanity as a whole seeing a virtuous goal being addressed and this being done effectively and showing by example even the most difficult and improbable act of loving kindness can work a miracle when there is effective leadership advocating it be embraced and others taking up the cause and contributing their energies in kind. These are not accidents; they are all things planned to happen. So every aspect of the person’s life is considered with regard to where they land, who they are involved with during their life, and major events and interactions planned to take place to be the watershed events to help inspire them, awaken within an awareness of their life purpose which will be forgotten by the infant because of the disconnection that is experienced and hampers all human beings coming into the physical. There will be divine guidance all the way along for the “mission life” just as there is for every human being unless the person turns away from the divine and becomes a disbeliever. You have the power to end divine assistance if you lose belief in the divine or in yourself as worthy of divine assistance.