DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationOn Earth, some humans plan little, and others excessively. Is this also reflected in pre-birth planning? Who has the most say in these plans, and who has veto power?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There are variations in the process depending on the souls involved, the nature of their history, and the life mission that is envisioned for the upcoming incarnation. Some lives are modest in their goals and intentions, others are profound or quite daunting in the objectives and the desired outcomes to take on quite serious and high-level issues and be a change agent that can be even in the limelight and hold their own against serious opposition. So there are many, many variations on the theme. Some will largely influence one or a few other human beings in significant ways. Relatively few humans will be helping on a large-scale visibly, but all are important and the reason is all bring light and if they shine the light of their divinity to those around them, they will be acting as a bridge among members of the human family and will be echoing and amplifying the message of the divine that: “You are here for a purpose, a purpose that counts, and you will leave a mark on others whatever you do or do not do, and have in fact an obligation and responsibility for safeguarding your own soul and the souls of those you interact with.” Everything is a learning opportunity and this is a major purpose as well to gain experience and seasoning from taking on challenges.

Each life brings new experiences and new demands with which the person may have little or no experience so it represents a new opportunity to learn and grow. The entire human enterprise is an exercise in healing to rescue the interlopers who have engaged in lives of depravity and are dragging down humanity because of the negativity they hold and for the ability to influence in ways that corrupt humans and drag them down as well. Humans are here to solve the problem of evil and to raise themselves up in the doing, correct for past mistakes and moments of temptation or self-indulgence when they may have chosen actions taking them out of divine alignment. All such karmic choices and consequences need to be addressed through healing and substituting better choices and outcomes in subsequent incarnations to rebalance things and put back what they took away from the universe. Often the restitution demands much more of the person than the initial harm because that harm will grow by being shared with more and more people interacting with one another and being dragged down in a sequence, a kind of chain reaction of negativity, started by poor judgment and thoughtless acts, or worse if there were intentions to undermine another and cause harm to them.

The Law of Karma will see these transgressions are rebalanced from the energies and power held by the perpetrator in the current incarnation. This may cause them to lose all they have gained in their life or to have a downturn through physical suffering in the development of a chronic illness that leaves them sidelined or even ends their life prematurely. That could well be a karmic repayment of an obligation for something they have caused of a similar magnitude considering all the ripple effect as their misdeed grows in impact affecting many people potentially. So planning is key. Many things will be planned for intentionally but there are karmic events that will happen spontaneously because there is something that happens that resonates with a prior difficulty, and that can reawaken the issue and hasten an interaction with the Law of Karma to bring back a consequence or a demand to that person for restitution, and interfere with their life unexpectedly. So the purpose of the pre-life planning is to stage things in such a way it has a chance of being manageable.

This is not always successful because people can become overwhelmed yet again, faced with a similar challenge where they have failed in the past, and add to the problem making it even more difficult. But knowing this is an inevitability shows quite clearly having a partnership with the divine is not only an advantage, but a necessity because many of the problems that arise can be dealt with in no other away than enlisting divine help, especially given the state of disconnection in human beings where they will often not know or see the details of why they are suffering because the karmic events are being viewed deep within their mind are unseen consciously, but nonetheless will cause stress and harm the body and make them vulnerable to inner discord and increasing unhappiness in their lives and will be ill‑equipped to change it. This is a divine level problem in most cases, so reaching to the divine will be the answer both for coping with the negative symptoms as well as providing an ultimate healing to right the wrongs of the past and get out from under any and all karmic obligations so one is back on a level playing field.