DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolAs we can have a request to do repeated Protocol sessions to ensure spirits unable to transition receive repeated healing outreach and rescue, can we also request a Protocol session be repeated again and again for all clients to keep supplying additional healing until it is no longer needed?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As we have indicated in your prior questions, this is very much the case. There is no value in doing busy work and carrying out repetitive tasks that could be requested with a single operation and then followed up by the divine realm in response. So this will be a very simple way to streamline things and take into account the deep, deep needs people have for healing and the fact that many, many sessions are needed for each person to make significant headway with the large backlog of unhealed karmic events. Even for a single issue or difficulty, as with a chronic illness, there may be many sessions needed to overturn the consequences of this buildup and achieve a remission of symptoms.

This makes the healing quite a challenge both in terms of time and money. People will often lose confidence when they do not see or feel a change after repeated work is done and will give up far too soon. This is the main reason it cannot be left to them in making and keeping the burden to take action and especially pay more money. So this innovation will go a long way to add tremendous value to the investment in a single session and set people up for many, many benefits over the course of their entire lifetime. As you are also exploring, the benefits can even extend into the subsequent life, and that indeed is quite a bonus.