DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingCan a Rapid-Fire session be done by listing all 5 issues up front, and then asking the deep subconscious to work on all of them, perhaps in turn, while going through the Protocol step-by-step just once from start to finish? Is that too much to keep track of, or should the issues be taken one by one and each worked on from start to finish separately, in succession?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This indeed can be done, to work on a large aggregate of issues like this with each step of the Protocol, so one only needs to cycle through the discrete procedural steps for selecting the scenes to be worked on and then identifying solutions, applying healing, and noting negative beliefs and soul attributes needing attention, and so forth. The deep subconscious will be able to take five separate issues, each one having its own set of underlying karmic predispositions, and keep track of things. So as you go through the Protocol step-by-step, with each discrete step, the instruction will be acted on by the deep subconscious to carry out what is needed for that step, for each of the five issues in turn, and can notify the practitioner when it is ready for the next step and, in that way, proceed through the Protocol a single time overall, simply by allowing the deep subconscious the time it needs to work on the large aggregate of multiple issues and their underlying elements. But that, overall, will add greatly to the session efficiency to avoid redundant repetition of carrying a single issue through the process and then, in effect, starting over and repeating all the verbiage needed to launch each aspect of the Protocol as you go. If you keep the number of issues to be worked on at once to five at the most, you will be on firm ground here and, as you are working to enlist more and more of Creator’s assistance, we will be able to help in the event of an overload to at least see that priority is given to the most critical underlying factors. And even if not quite as comprehensive in the totality of what is dealt with, there will still be a meaningful therapeutic benefit because of the prioritization that is possible you will be helping to define through your further questions.