DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingIs it of significant value to do DSC-TR Rapid-Fire sessions to work on 5 issues specifying the following list: “The first most significant issue; the second most significant issue; the third most significant issue; the fourth most significant issue; and, the fifth most significant issue?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

In the absence of any other knowledge, this would be the best one can do, given the constraints of the question, to use the five slots in turn, and invite the deep subconscious to at least make an attempt at prioritization and take one’s chances about its ability to do so. It might literally be the case that the deep subconscious will grab the closest thing it has reviewed and noted, and then go back for the next most quickly retrieved issue, and then the next after that, and so on, but that does not truly address the deep intention of the question, to work on things truly of greatest importance and magnitude for driving overall benefit to the client in their health and happiness. So this simply replicates the issue we have described about the meager benefits of open-ended and non-specific invitations for issues to focus on. Again, it is not that nothing will happen of value, only that it adds a great deal of uncertainty that can be avoided, so things of most importance are identified in a purposeful fashion to make the most of the exercise and not leave things to the vagaries of the deep subconscious and its workings.