DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWith regard to the amnesia we experience upon reincarnation, was this always divinely intentional or planned from the very beginning of the creation of divine human, and if so, why? Has the level of amnesia we experience worsened due to negative influence or is it the undoing of the amnesia, such as through intuitive ability, that has become more problematic or worsened?
Nicola Staff asked 6 days ago

The plan for divine human by Creator was to have direct communication between us at all times. This was constrained by deliberate degrading of the human ability to use the intuitive gateway to full advantage and reach the higher levels of awareness. This manipulation was done to the DNA and provided the intended effect of dimming down human beings and restricting their power. This was not fully understood by the interlopers but did the job, and subsequent generations are all born with that restriction because it is inherent in the human genome at this point and each new arrival will have a degradation in capability.


The newest generation has received some upgrading to correct this, but they too are being commandeered and manipulated to downgrade them in like fashion, so this is an ongoing contest to, on the one hand, change things for the better, and on the part of the interlopers, to maintain the status quo and reduce the great ability of the new generation of young humans. So this lack of intuitive ability is unnatural, it is a defect, and it is one of the major goals of the Shift in Consciousness to correct this. It is easier to do it for incoming souls than to correct for humans already in the physical. Few have developed their own innate intuitive reach. To make that more accessible does not automatically mean they will know how to connect to it, and what to do with it within themselves to explore possibilities, and do an outreach to gain information and process it successfully so that it rises to conscious awareness. That is a skill, and like many skills and talents that are best developed during youth, this is true of the intuitive reach as well.


So people are coming from behind and there are many barriers to belief involved here also. When people have not had an ability for so long, there are grave doubts about the possibility of reawakening this. That works against many, particularly those who do not believe in their own talents and worth in receiving help from the divine realm. There are many inner fears as well about opening up intuitively that are quite common because all who come into the earth plane have been subjected to harsh treatment, including death, for using their intuitive ability in other lifetimes.


In today’s world, this is not a capital crime but is frowned on, discouraged, and belittled by mainstream thinking and there are cultural taboos still, in claiming psychic powers, and great fear as well, and the fear is based on knowing there are dark things one best stay away from in using the mind to probe into the dark. In addition, most people have witnessed torment and torture of those using their intuitive gifts, or had it happen to them personally in other lifetimes, and this is a sore subject that stirs up deep inner fear that will not be understood at a conscious level but, nonetheless, is an impediment to wanting to work on this and do a personal development of greater intuitive reach.