DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsCan Creator describe the impacts on the individual body and soul, short and long-term, when one seethes with anger or hatred?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

There are many adverse consequences of embracing those vibrational states of being. When one indulges in anger, they, in effect, are on a precipice and every choice they make may have heightened consequences because of the intensity of emotion and the resulting actions it can motivate. Anger can be an exhibition of inner strength that raises up a person to take what may well be effective action to right a wrong, because the anger simply is helping them to see with clarity they have been wronged, or someone they care about, and that can be the first step to making an improvement that will result in a gain and inner growth as well. Anger serves a purpose; it is not automatically to be avoided or seen as an inappropriate response to something, hence the term “righteous anger” when there is just cause to take offense, and oftentimes anger can be a sufficient warning to a wrongdoer to make them retreat, and this may solve the problem altogether if a would-be perpetrator withdraws and moves on—that show of strength can be lifesaving at times. The problem comes when anger is inappropriate and may, if the result of a misunderstanding, be mirrored by the other party in response, and that may be seen as a validation of the original inappropriate anger and then this leads to an exchange of blows, either in words or a physical altercation, as the case may be, and things escalate from there.

So it is when anger is prolonged and unjustified where damage can be done. This certainly affects the body because it increases stress, and that can have physical liabilities through long‑term injury to the self physically. This is why highly stressful jobs for those who often experience anger during their day can take a toll over time and lead to chronic illness and early death in fact. People need to know their limits and do something to mitigate such circumstances. It might be highest and best to find another career than to soldier on and have oneself undermined and, in the end, injured irretrievably through the accumulated wounding. It is harder to heal what one chooses to take part in because that has karmic implications. If you knowingly take on risk, the divine cannot simply make you into Superman or Wonder Woman to shield you from all harm, you may well experience a karmic consequence from risk-taking or a willingness to tolerate repeated abuse. In the same way that stress of this kind can harm the body, it will also wound the soul because it creates circumstances that take you out of divine alignment for varying lengths of time when you are experiencing painful feelings, dark emotions that lower your vibration, and in effect move you away from God. This need not be permanent and does not mean you will be judged and punished for that circumstance other than what it means for you already, that through whatever means have happened, experiencing things that will lower you in some way will register on the akashic records and will have soul consequences as well and create a kind of wounding that is your responsibility to fix.

Flashes of anger, disputes that are settled quickly, will be of little consequence to your wellbeing; it is when there is a chronic insult and injury repeated again and again where things can get out of hand and result in serious long-term consequences of degradation to the self, both physically as well as mentally and emotionally, with spiritual injuries being to the soul as a consequence. Many are in such situations because the course of their life has painted them into a corner, so to speak, and they may be surrounded by perpetrators taking advantage of them, diminishing them, barring their progress because they have more power over the person than the individual can counter. This is true of many relationships that are imbalanced where someone is bullied and demeaned and diminished by living with a kind of tyrant who is demanding, mean‑spirited, and hateful. If that hatred is returned, it will not help and will further harm the victim. The perpetrator in that kind of dynamic is digging their own grave through their actions because the Law of Karma will see to this, but that is no great comfort to the victim living with them and feeling trapped—the leveling of the scales may come lifetimes later.

We would say that whenever there is a wrong in view, it is a healing need by definition and time to take action. There is no time like the present because if left unattended, little problems often grow into big problems—the difficulties increase and the degree of harm will mount. In fact, to neglect the signs of difficulty and discord giving rise to dark feelings is a karmic event in and of itself that is a kind of wrongdoing and will demand a repayment to rebalance the harm set in motion to bring things back into a state of divine alignment eventually. This is why being witness to wrongdoing carries obligations and being passive in life does not let you off the hook. There are many harmed by parental neglect, so even a nice-seeming, mild-mannered person who would not harm anyone but who neglects their children through inattention or an insensitivity to their suffering at times is incurring karmic wounds to their soul, and that may well have an effect on the body over time because of their negligence. What is almost always unseen is that the challenges one is experiencing in life are often a recapitulation of the same dynamic lived in prior lifetimes and one is simply caught in a pattern of karmic harm to the self or to others, or both, by repeating prior circumstances and struggling because the learning is not in place to do better. This is why healing is so important—because it is the only answer for overcoming karmic patterns—the inner deficiencies and woundings need to be healed to free the person from being in such a dilemma and powerless to change it.