DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsIs the experience of anger and hatred any different for a normal person versus a sociopath lacking a conscience?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

We would say that the two are very similar with respect to many of the causes of the painful feelings, but there is quite a difference in degree and in the choices made, and in the consequences in how the individual reacts to having a painful feeling about something. A normal person has more inner wherewithal to balance an awareness of harm being directed at themselves with an ability to understand and even empathize with a perpetrator, that they may at least have a case and a just reason for anger or a decision causing inconvenience to them. That will mitigate the need for an excessive emotional response because they have the wherewithal to rein things in, so to speak. They will also have more inner resources to find a way to cope, to find a way to make restitution and reach a compromise perhaps, to negotiate some kind of settlement of the grievance, for example.

The sociopath has less ability to govern their feelings and many times will go on a scale from zero to one hundred almost immediately and may fly into a rage at the least provocation. This is a clear indicator and warning that there is a very severe inner misalignment and a deficiency with inner control and inner resources able to help a person moderate their feelings and then their behavior. This can make a person quite dangerous to be around because if they have a propensity for violence, and that can be triggered so readily, their makeup will imperil anyone who confronts them or does something not to their liking. The extremes of emotion the sociopath experiences can get them into serious trouble very quickly, but this will be a variable. Oftentimes what people think would trigger such an individual will have little impact because the sociopath, being devoid of normal love feelings, will hold no regard for others, so they will see what other people do and say as entirely inconsequential much of the time and will simply not react many times to being disliked because that person has no standing and will be seen as irrelevant. This makes the sociopath highly unpredictable in terms of what they might do and when, but they will live a life of extremes. Even if they seem to function well and may well be in a position of high authority, they govern emotions based on necessity for self-preservation, not with respect to morality or concern for the feelings of others. Such individuals can be successful for their entire lifetimes but will leave much damage to others in their wake and will gain little with regard to soul growth and their lives will be functionally empty, being loveless, so little growth will happen and little karmic benefit will be generated along the way, only a mountain of karmic debts both to the self and others as a consequence of all they do in reaction to their inner anger and how they treat people around them.